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La pollution

Le monde entier souffre de la pollution qui devient un problème très dangereux. Il y a trois sortes de pollution: Pollution de l’atmosphère causée par la fumée dégagée des usines et des moyens de transport. Pollution de l’eau causée par les déchets jetés dans la mer et dans les rivières, et pollution du sol causée par les produits chimiques et par les activités humaines.

Les conséquences de la pollution

La pollution a de graves conséquences sur la santé publique et sur les espèces animales et végétales, il provoque des maladies respiratoires , Le réchauffement climatique , La disparition de la faune et de la flore.   Pour résoudre ce problème, il faut prendre conscience de cette menace et adopter une attitude visant à mettre fin à cette dégradation de notre environnement.

Quelques conseils pour éviter la pollution.

Il est très difficile d’avoir une ville dont l’air est propre, sans pollution, mais nous pouvons faire quelques efforts pour diminuer cette pollution. Voilà quelques conseils :

  • Fixation des lois à respecter surtout par les industries polluantes ;
  • Ne pas jeter les déchets dans l’eau de la rivière ;  
  • Ne pas allumer de feux dans les forêts ;
  • Sensibiliser les gens à participer à la protection de l’environnement ;
  • Utiliser les moyens de transport en commun ;
  • Cultiver plus de plantes et d’arbres ;
  • Ne pas utiliser la voiture une journée par semaine ;
  • Ne pas brûler les déchets ;
  • Ne pas utiliser les produits chimiques ;
  • Consacrer plus d’espaces pour les piétons ;
  • Limiter la coupe des arbres et sensibiliser les gens aux problèmes de la déforestation.

Une journée sans voiture

L’utilisation de la voiture dans la ville cause de nombreux problèmes comme la pollution de l’air, le bruit, et le changement climatique. Si on laisse notre voiture dans le garage pour une journée quels en sont les avantages ?

  • Une journée sans voiture permet de diminuer la pollution atmosphérique ;
  • Avec moins de voitures, on évite plus la pollution sonore ;
  • La température environnante diminuera de quelques degrés, et ça corrigera les causes du réchauffement de la planète ;
  • La qualité de l’air s’améliore et par conséquent nous respirons de l’air pur ;
  • Le quartiers entièrement piétonniers se multiplient.

Nous participons tous à la pollution et chacun d’entre nous devra faire un effort pour protéger notre environnement, notre santé et notre avenir.

La pollution de l’air en France

Astronomy for Muslims

Astronomy arose from observations that were seen with the naked eye. With the development of ancient civilizations in many regions such as Persia, Mesopotamia and China, maps of the locations of stars and planets were developed with explanations and visualizations based on the fact that the Earth is the center of the universe. With the discovery of the telescope and the fact that the planets revolve around the sun, many of the erroneous data circulated within the framework of astronomy, which is today one of the most advanced sciences during the past six decades, changed.

Astronomy.. its origins and development

Astronomy is one of the oldest and most important sciences known to man since ancient times. Astronomy has played an essential role in human life; Where its importance was historically recorded by all the ancient civilizations in Babylon, Egypt and other civilizations of the ancient world, and therefore man relied on astronomy in various different aspects of life from knowing and determining the time, seasons of agriculture, climatic changes, and determining trends in travel and walking in the desert, and man has been keen Since ancient times, he has learned astronomy in order to be able to keep pace with the requirements of life.
Astronomy is concerned with studying everything related to the universe and its genesis, and the movements of celestial bodies on which man depends mainly in knowing the days and years, and studying the physical and chemical compounds of the stars and planets around us through spectral monitoring of those stars and celestial bodies that revolve around us, and astronomy has passed like other sciences At different stages through the ages and times, it led to its development and the change of many astronomical misconceptions.
A group of scholars believes that astronomy arose as a science in the Babylonian civilization in Mesopotamia, while another group believes that astronomy originated in the countries of the Nile and specifically in Egypt.
Since the prehistoric era, astronomy began to track the movements of stars and planets in orderly cycles; Where the first man occupied his thoughts with the apparent repetitive movement of the sun and the moon, and through them he was able to make calendars that chronicle the events in his life, and the first man also divided the stars that he saw into constellations in order to be guided by them in his travels at night, and by observing and observing the times of ascending stars and observing them in general A year later, and by observing the movement of the sun, and following all that in time and place, they came to inference from these houses to know the changes of the four astronomical seasons, which are relied upon in knowing the seasons of agriculture and the weather.
After that, astronomy developed rapidly, using simple astronomical machines, and then building astronomical observatories that were used to monitor various astronomical phenomena such as solar and lunar eclipses, and the observation of stars. In the modern era, astronomy has kept pace with the tremendous development in modern technology; As astronomers recently used modern technology, including software and machines, to launch into outer space to study and monitor the universe around us, by launching spacecraft controlled by scientists from the surface of the Earth, and was able to launch space observatories used to monitor the movement of many solar phenomena such as storms. The solar system, which has a direct impact on the earth, days before those storms reach the earth in order to take the necessary precautions

branches of astronomy

Astronomy is divided into two main branches:

Optical astronomy

Optical astronomy is concerned with the study of celestial objects within the range of visible light, and can be inferred through images provided by space probes and telescopes, such as the Hubble Space Telescope, which gives a large amount of information about the nature of these Objects, their structure, and their evolution.

Non-visual astronomy

This science depends on the use of tools to study celestial bodies within the range of invisible light, and this branch can be divided according to the lengths of light waves into several sections, such as astronomy based on the use of infrared radiation, gamma rays, radio rays and others.

Astronomy for Muslims

Ancient civilizations knew astronomy and it was associated with astrology and knowledge of the unseen, which cast a shadow over astronomy among Muslims until recently, but in the civilization of Islam, that civilization that rejected astrology and considered it contrary to its faith, astronomy separated from astrology, and it has its scientific bases that are based on her. This separation was not the result of chance, but rather the result of scientific experience, measurement and deduction, and the Islamic need to determine prayer times and the direction of the qiblah, so that the mosques became not without an astronomer who determines the time through one of the astronomical instruments that Muslims knew and invented. Astronomy in ancient civilizations was lost, but Muslim astronomy had a special place in Islamic civilization, especially with the Abbasid era and in the caliphate of al-Ma’mun ibn Harun al-Rashid. The huge carefully manufactured, the care it received by the state, and the number of astronomers whose names are associated with it. Aydin Sayili – the most prominent Turkish researcher who studied astronomical observatories – believes that conditions arose associated with Islam, and were conducive to the development of observatories as institutions, because there is justification for saying that Islam formed a suitable environment for the emergence and development of observatories, as there was a special rank for astronomy in the Islamic world, There was interest in direct observation, accuracy of measurements, mathematical theories, increasing the size of machines, insisting that astronomers practice their work in groups, the tendency to specialize in narrow fields, and the empiricism of Islamic scholars. The observatories in the era of al-Mamoun had several important features, perhaps the most important of which were specific research programmes. The major task of those first observatories was to find astronomical tables based on recent observations of the sun and moon only. However, in addition to the limited programs drawn up for them, they were somewhat primitive in terms of financial management and organization. In fact, the specific nature of work assigned to the Al-Mamoun observatories in Shammasiya and Qasioun made them not rise to the levels of integrated observatories that the Islamic world later knew. In the context of talking about Muslim astronomy, we find that the Islamic observatory appeared in a more developed way after the time of al-Ma’mun about a century and a half, and was more organized from an administrative point of view. It came to include all the planets, and it was possible to achieve this last aspect of the development of observatories in two stages, as there is evidence that some of the observational programs were limited to observing the fast planets only in addition to the sun and the moon. The main task of the work of the observatory was to establish new astronomical tables for all the planets based on recent observations. There has been a clear tendency towards the manufacture of machines that increase in size over time and a tendency to provide a distinguished workforce, also due to the progress that has been made in this direction, and the developments will serve to reinforce the belief that the emergence of observatories, as institutions, has its origin in Caliphs and kings. The observatory, which was built by the Seljuk Sultan Malik Shah in Baghdad, is another stage of the development of work in observatories, although we do not have enough information so far about the work of this observatory. At the time, astronomers saw that it takes a period of no less than 30 years to complete an astronomical work.

Maragha Observatory

The seventh century AH is the most important period in the history of Islamic observatories; Because the Maragheh observatory was built this century, and this observatory is one of the most important observatories in the history of Islamic civilization. Maragha is located near the city of Tabriz. The observatory was built outside the city, and its remains are still present today, and it was established by “Mango”, the brother of “Hulagu”. Manju was interested in mathematics and astronomy, and he entrusted Jamal al-Din ibn Muhammad ibn al-Zaidi al-Bukhari with the task of establishing this observatory, and he hired a huge number of scholars, including: Nasir al-Din al-Tusi, Ali ibn Omar al-Ghazwini, Muayyad al-Din al-Aradi, Fakhr al-Din al-Maraghi, Mohi al-Din al-Maghribi and many others. . The Maragha Observatory is the first observatory that benefited from the endowment funds. As real estate and land were placed on it, in order to ensure the continuity of its work; Therefore, work continued in the observatory until the year 1316 AD, and it witnessed the rule of seven sultans who took care of it and sponsored it. The third feature of the Maragha Observatory lies in the important educational activity that took place in it. Many students at the observatory were taught astronomy and work on astronomical instruments. The observatory also had a huge library that contained thousands of manuscripts in various fields of knowledge.

Samarkand Observatory

This observatory was founded by Ulugh Beg, the grandson of Tamerlane in Samarkand, and in 1908 the location of this observatory was revealed when GL Vatekin succeeded in finding one of his endowments that determined its exact location in the city. During his archaeological excavations, he was able to find The large arc was used to mark midday, and is considered the most important astronomical instrument in the observatory. The observatory courtyard, which is about 21 meters high, is located on a hill with a rocky base. The surface area of ​​that hill is about 85 meters from east to west, and about 170 meters from north to south. The main building of the observatory is surrounded by a garden, and accommodation for the purpose of housing. This indicates the grandeur and grandeur of the building, and it is inferred from archaeological discoveries that this building was cylindrical in shape and had a precise and tight interior design. The destruction and demise of the Samarkand observatory were not, according to Vatkin, due to natural factors; It is possible that some of the damage was caused by the use of its marble in other construction operations. Astronomical tables have been developed in the observatory, known as the “Ulugh Bey” tables, and it is considered one of the most accurate tables in the world. It is known that the dome of the observatory was used to put tables; Where there were inscriptions on it specifying degrees, minutes, seconds and tenths of seconds for the epicycles, the seven planets, the confused stars, and the globe with its divisions in terms of regions, mountains and deserts. Among those who worked in this observatory was “Ghiyath al-Din al-Kashi,” who excelled in the field of mechanical models of celestial movements.

Tourism in Canada

Canada is the second largest country in the world in terms of area after China, and it is also a country that has no shortage of beautiful and picturesque landscapes, and it should be noted that tourism in Canada is unique at the level of tourism for travelers for the purpose of exploration, from coast to coast To another, Canada is home to vibrant cities, culture, and the arts, along with some of Canada’s most amazing natural wonders.

In western Canada, the Rocky Mountains and the cities of Vancouver, Victoria, and Calgary dominate most of the trails. In central Canada, there are Niagara Falls, and the cities of Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec City, which are some of the most popular and visited places to visit in Canada.

For those aiming to go to the Canadian Maritime Provinces in the east, they will enjoy the beauty of Gros Morne National Park, along with the unique tourist attractions of Halifax and St. John’s. There is also the rugged yet impressive route to Northern Canada, with opportunities to see polar bears in the wild and remote beauty exploration in a number of Canada attractions such as Nahanni National Park and super cool cities such as Whitehorse and Yellowknife.

And through a quick tour, TechWeek will take you to the most important tourist places in Canada, so that those who want to go to this charming country are familiar enough with the most important tourist attractions and unforgettable places it contains.

Tourism in America

Before traveling to Canada

If you intend to travel to Canada for tourism, you should obtain a Canada tourist visa by reviewing the official website of the Canadian Immigration Service from here and following the required instructions.

Canada is the second largest country in the world in terms of area, but its population is not as large as its area. The official currency is the Canadian dollar, and the English and French languages are official in Canada.

In terms of transportation, you can rely on public transportation, which is highly efficient and less expensive, unlike taxis.

Finally, food, do not worry about the large number of Arab communities in Canada. Wherever you go, you can find an Arab restaurant that serves halal dishes, whether it is Syrian, Lebanese, or from other Arab and Islamic countries.

What are the best times to travel to Canada?

Summer is the best time to travel to Canada, and this period is the peak, as it witnesses a high number of tourists and high prices in general, and you can choose other times if you want to travel to Canada at the lowest costs.

How much does tourism cost in Canada ?

Canada is a high-cost tourist destination due to the high taxes in the country. As well as the vast country area that requires spending more money to move from one Canadian city to another.

However, it is possible to save on expenses by avoiding overcrowded tourist seasons or by looking for low-cost accommodation. However, it is expected that a single person will spend between 100 to 250 USD per day during his tourist vacation in Canada.

The most important tourist places in Canada

Canada receives annually a huge number of tourists from all over the world, and the total number is estimated at approximately 35 million tourists per year, a number that exceeds the number of local residents in Canada, whose total number is estimated at 32 million, and that is why Canada is called the mother country Tourism in Canada also represents the largest economic return in the country…

Niagara Falls

You cannot travel to Canada without passing through Niagara Falls in Ontario, one of the most important tourist attractions in Canada because it is the tallest and largest waterfall in the world.

Niagara Falls are 3 fast and intense waterfalls extending from Ontario, Canada to New York, America, the first of which is called the Horseshoe, with a height of 640 m and extends from the Canadian shore to the American shore, and the second flows in the United States at a height of 330 m, and the third is a small Canadian and is called the bride’s veil.

During tourism in Canada and your visit to Niagara, Ontario, you can visit the waterfalls and take the most wonderful pictures as you wander through the walkway connecting them, or enjoy a tour of the river or lake where the waterfalls are lit every night and look wonderful.

Banff National Park and the Rocky Mountains

Nestled in the heart of the majestic Rocky Mountains in the province of Alberta, Banff National Park is one of Canada’s top attractions as it showcases some of Canada’s most beautiful landscapes. Turquoise green lakes, snow-capped peaks, and glaciers are easily accessible in this stunning park. The jewel of the park is Lake Louise, where the green waters reflect the surrounding mountains and visitors can easily stroll around the beaches. The Esfields Parkway that runs from Lake Louise to Jasper is an unforgettable landmark and one of the most must-see places in Banff. At the southern end of the park is the beautiful little town of Banff, which offers all kinds of lodging, shopping, and dining options.

In the winter, Banff Park is also a tourist destination in Canada as it is the main winter sports area, and is home to the famous Lake Louise Ski Resort and Sunshine Village, two of Canada’s most prominent tourist places as ski destinations.

Old Quebec site

The site of Old Quebec, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most visited places in Canada in terms of number of visitors, and across Upper and Lower Quebec City the site contains many of the city’s historical buildings. The lower town, along the Saint Lawrence River, is the site of the original settlement and home to the outstanding Chateau Frontenac, as well as many other treasures. Upper Weber sits on slopes of 100 metres, and is home to the Citadel, the Plains of Abraham, the Place de Arms, and the Parc Historique de Artillery. This area is one of the most popular historical areas among the places of tourism in Canada and it is a well-developed area on the tourist level from year to year.

In addition to the historical sites, visitors will also find artists displaying their work on the Rue de Tresor, interesting museums including the Museum of Civilization, and all kinds of shops and restaurants.

CN Tower Toronto

On the shores of Lake Ontario in Toronto, the largest city and the leader of tourism in Canada, is the famous CN Tower, which is one of Canada’s tourist places and one of the most famous landmarks in the country. The tower is one of the tallest structures in the world with a height of 553 meters. Mumtaz is served at the 360 revolving restaurant, where visitors can enjoy a meal while overlooking the city and lake.

Parliament buildings in Ottawa

Standing above the Ottawa River, Ottawa’s Parliament Hill is one of Canada’s top attractions and a neo-Gothic building built in the latter half of the 19th century. The most prominent feature is the Peace Tower, which divides the House of Commons and the Senate on each side. In front of the Parliament buildings is the centenary torch and has been lit since 1966 to celebrate the centenary of the Canadian Confederation, and behind the buildings is the Sculpture Garden.

In the summer, the guards are changed and some renovations are made on the front lawn of the House of Representatives, weather permitting. And around the Parliament buildings likes to walk along with the Ottawa River, which is the river of tourism in Canada.

Whistler Village & Resort

A two-hour drive from Vancouver is the popular ski resort and Whistler Village. While Whistler Resort has always been an important winter sports area, the area has also developed into one of Canada’s popular summer tourism destinations with golf and mountain biking, and the village has a lively atmosphere all year round. The village gained wide international attention in 2010 when it became one of the sites for the 2010 Winter Olympics. The area offers world-class skiing, hotels, and many dining options, as well as all kinds of other outdoor recreational opportunities and beautiful mountain scenery. One of the most beautiful places to visit in Canada in general.

Old Montreal

The Old Section of Montreal is one of the most wonderful places to visit in Canada in general, lined with beautiful old historic buildings, which welcomes visitors with plenty of shopping opportunities and good food. Horse-drawn carriages lead visitors through cobbled streets and open history venues. While Montreal itself is a modern, vibrant city, Old Montreal is below the waterfront where most tourists come to enjoy the atmosphere of tourism in Canada through the old city. Some of the must-see places in Old Montreal include the historic Rue Bonsecours and Marseille Bonsecours around the Old Town Hall building, the beautiful Notre-Dame Basilica, the lively Place Jacques-Cartier, and the 1870s City Hall.

Polar bears in Churchill, Manitoba

One of Canada’s most unique attractions, the polar bear migration grounds allow these beautiful creatures to be seen on their way from land to ice in Hudson Bay, near the town of Churchill in northern Manitoba. This small community opens itself up to tourists every season and is one of Canada’s world-class attractions.

With traditional tours, tundra wagons with iron windows take visitors into close encounters with polar bears. The prime viewing time occurs in the most suitable time for tourism in Canada which is October or November while the bears wait for the water to freeze before heading out onto the ice.

Victoria Inner Harbor

Few Canadian cities have done such beautiful missions to develop the waterfront area as Victoria and its Inner Harbor, which is a great place to stroll, relax, shop, eat, and watch street performers all against the backdrop of one of Canada’s most beautiful tourist destinations. The centerpiece of this area is the historic Empress Hotel, one of the city’s most beautiful buildings over the years, welcoming the Empress, kings and queens, and today it features traditional tea sessions, which is one of the most prominent traditions for many visitors coming to Victoria. While the harbor area is popular all year round, it is especially lively during the summer months and is the most beautiful time to visit in Canada.

Bay of Fundy

The Bay of Fundy, which is one of the most important tourist places in Canada, is located in the east of the country between New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, and is known for its amazing tidal waves. The difference between high and low waves is the largest in the world, and the measurement reaches a maximum of 19 meters (10 fathoms). While there are many ways to appreciate this natural wonder, and some of the most popular sites are, there are plenty of Canada attractions along the Bay of Fundy such as the cliffs and rock formations of Hopewell Cape, Fundy National Park, Fundy Trail Parkway, and Grand Manan Island.

Gros Morne National Park

Gros Morne National Park in Newfoundland is more remote than many of Canada’s most popular national parks, but it’s well worth the effort to discover this beautiful landscape of mountains and fjords. The park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with steep cliff walls, waterfalls, and interesting rock formations fringed by glacier-fed water. It is one of the best places to visit in Canada where most visitors take a boat tour to photograph the scene, but there are also hiking trails and opportunities for kayaking. In the winter, when Canada is less touristy, the park receives much fewer visitors, but it is open to wandering in the ski areas, with backcountry ski lodges.

Canadian Museum of Human Rights

Canada’s newest tourist attraction that has attracted national and international attention, is the Canadian Museum of Human Rights. Opened in 2014, near The Forks, the building displays a unique and eye-catching design to say the least, with geometry and colors based on photographs taken from Canadian landscapes. Also the unique exhibits are the main concept behind the establishment of the museum. The museum highlights personal stories, highlights different points of view, focuses on a range of topics, and is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Canada for new museum disciplines.

Tourism in America

Millions of people from different nationalities of the world dream of traveling to America, to the point of actually seeking it, despite its difficulty, which reaches the limits of the impossible for some countries. Tourism in America

While you see others wonder what the US states to attract the attention of all these!! Is it God’s paradise on earth already?

Perhaps it is, and perhaps if they see what it contains of natural treasures and dazzling designs for buildings that combine delicate classical carvings, crude modern facades, vast green parks and exciting adventures that you will not find anywhere else except in the states of America.

In addition to multiple, unique, independent cultures, even though one entity includes them, they will know why all this rush to travel, whether for tourism in America or residence in it, and they will know that it is worth holding America as one of the most beautiful countries in the world that attracts tourism.

So, whether you have decided and packed your bags or you are still hesitant, we present to you this article about the most important tourist attractions in America, so follow us.

Tourism in Canada

The best time to travel to America

The best time to visit America is during the spring (from April to July), or in the fall (from September to October). This is when that time is characterized by moderate temperatures, and few tourists. Which allows you to enjoy exploring it. The best time to visit America varies depending on the date of your trip, and the recreational and tourist activities you intend to do.

Tourism in New York

New York is a city full of life, and it is one of the most important and best tourism destinations in America, and even one of the best tourism destinations in the world. The city is located in the Northeast of America, and attracts millions of tourists from different countries. New York is characterized by classic old buildings, which exist side by side with modern modern buildings. You can wander its streets that never sleep, and learn about different cultures and neighborhoods.

In addition to visiting Central Park, which is considered one of the largest public parks in the world, and practicing various sports such as walking in the scenic nature, cycling and others. This is in addition to Times Square, attending many celebrations, and seeing the most important landmark in America, the Statue of Liberty. Also, do not miss visiting all the museums in the city, including Madame Tussauds, the Natural History Museum and others. The city is more than wonderful and well worth a visit.

Tourism in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is one of America’s most bustling, vibrant and diverse states. The city that never sleeps has some of the most important historical and cultural attractions that you have to go through while traveling in America, such as the County Museum of Art inside the Rowe Museum.

In addition to having a group of the best and most famous entertainment venues in America such as Walt Disney City, which organizes concerts and animation shows in its private halls, Universal Studios in Hollywood, where the best and most famous American films are filmed, enjoy roaming or cycling along the main road in the city or relaxing on the Its beaches are ranked among the most beautiful beaches in America.

Tourism in Chicago

Chicago is located in the northeast of the US state of Illinois. It is a large city characterized by a friendly and romantic atmosphere, and includes many tourist attractions, which made it one of the most famous tourist cities in America at all.

You can visit many tourist places in Chicago, such as the Frank Lloyd Wright buildings, Millennium Park Chicago, and Shedd Aquarium, which is one of the largest aquariums in the world. Also, don’t miss the Lincoln Zoo, great museums like the Field Museum of Natural History. You can also attend music festivals that run until the morning, eat Chicago specialties, especially deep-dish pizza, and much more.

Tourism in Anaheim

One of the most beautiful cities in America that you should not miss during your tourist visit to the US states.

The city, which lies between San Diego and Los Angeles, is characterized by the diversity of its attractions and attractions, which satisfies the desires and tendencies of different tourists, although it is dominated by the picturesque natural aspect that is reflected in the Disneyland and Knott Berry theme parks, Huntington and Orange beaches, one of the most beautiful beaches of America, where recreational activities and water sports are practiced. The city’s promenade with walking paths and a chain of the finest restaurants, bars and shops.

In addition to cultural attractions such as museums and cultural centers, the most famous of which are Marconi Automotive, Battle Ship Lua, Powers, Discovery and Muzzi Cultural Centers.

Tourism in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is located in North America and is one of the most important and best tourist destinations in the United States. It enjoys all the recreational and tourist facilities, and natural features such as hills, mountains and lush green gardens. Las Vegas is known for its bustling atmosphere and lively nightlife. Perhaps the most important thing that you can do, which is one of the most popular activities, is a unique helicopter tour to explore the attractions of the city.

This is in addition to taking a cruise, riding a gondola, and watching the dancing fountain shows at Villaggio Resort. You can also visit the Paris Hotel, the Eiffel Tower, and the Ferris wheel, which is the longest recreational wheel in the world. All of the above is in addition to visiting museums such as the Neon and Mob Museum, the Luxor Hotel, which tells the greatness of the ancient Egyptian civilization, and the Caesar’s Palace. And don’t miss a wander down Fremont Street pedestrianized and enjoy the many free outdoor entertainment shows, mountain camping and many other exciting adventures in the Red Rock Canyon Preserve and enjoy a wonderful desert experience.

Tourism in San Diego

One of America’s cities that can be called the city of art and culture, San Diego includes about 90 museums and parks that tell of its ancient history, along with stunning beaches extending for 70 miles and ideal for family vacations where enjoying a quiet relaxing atmosphere that is not without fun and entertainment, including the beach’s opportunities for water sports. And the fun beach.

Finally, green parks and theme parks such as Safari Park, National Zoo, Disneyland, Sea World San Diego, and Legoland.

Tourism in New Orleans

New Orleans is a cheerful and popular city in America. New Orleans has a distinctive group of tourist attractions, making it one of the most beautiful tourist cities in America. Stroll its lively streets, live music, nightclubs and art galleries, and watch the many festivities that take place daily in the streets wearing wigs and masks.

This is in addition to the French Quarter, the National World War II Museum, the Cabildo Museum, and the New Orleans Museum of Art. You can also take river boat tours of the Bayou River and Louisiana swamps, and visit the Audubon Zoo and City Park. All this in addition to enjoying the exploration of architecture, and eating the most beautiful food and drinks in the best restaurants and cafes in New Orleans.

Tourism in San Francisco

One of the most beautiful cities that can reflect the nature of the United States of America thanks to its location and its charming view of the ocean and a series of green hills, in addition to archaeological sites, museums and cultural centers that showcase the city’s ancient history.

Perhaps one of the most famous landmarks of the city is the Golden Gate Bridge that extends over the San Francisco Bay, with its huge orange structure and charming night lights that make it more beautiful in the eyes of walking, cycling or even free-wheeling enthusiasts.

Tourism in Saint Louis

St. Louis is located on the west bank of the Mississippi River, and is characterized by a diversity of cultures and attractions, which attract visitors from all over. You can practice a good number of fun activities in the city, including going on a St. Louis carriage ride, visiting the Gateway Arch with its innovative architecture, and exploring the vast green area of ​​Forest Park.

In addition, you can visit the Missouri Botanical Garden, and enjoy classic barbecue dishes at restaurants such as Smokehouse, Sugar Fire, and others. Also, don’t miss the St. Louis Science Center, the St. Louis Science Museum, and Children’s Playground at Magic House. It is one of the most beautiful tourist cities in America.

Tourism in Santa Monica

One of the most important tourist attractions in America because of its wonderful nature, picturesque parks and an atmosphere that differs from other cities in the United States of America.

Perhaps the most important thing that distinguishes it is its charming view of the Pacific Ocean and the meeting of most of its landmarks on the Santa Monica Pier, such as Pacific Park, Yosemite National Park, and the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium, with a series of fine restaurants and night entertainment venues.

If you are a fan of visiting historical monuments and art galleries during tourism in America, here is the archaeological district of Hippodrome, Edgemar Center and 18th Street Art Complex, Bergamot Station, which includes 20 art galleries.

If you are a fan of recreational tours without getting away from the lap of nature, here are kayaking and windsurfing trips in Santa Monica Bay, or enjoying the beauty of the city while riding a bike on Marvin Proud Road.

Tourism in Washington

Washington is the American capital, and is considered one of the most beautiful and most important American cities at all. There is a variety of recreational and tourist activities within the city, you can explore the Capitol Building, the Lincoln Memorial, and the impressive Smechnian Museum.

You can also visit the National Museum of African American History and Culture, and practice many popular sports such as baseball. In addition to the National Mall, the National Zoo and others.

Tourism in Orlando

If you were lucky with the opportunity to travel to America, do not miss visiting the most fun, exciting and entertaining cities in the United States, as the city is famous for being one of the most suitable entertainment places in America for children and the family because of what it contains of amusement parks and giant and multiple games that seem like a trail of imagination and are classified as one of the most popular tourist destinations In America and the world as a whole.

Perhaps the most famous of these places are: Epcot Center – Walt Disney World – Magic Kingdom Park – Universal Studios, in addition to a series of science museums such as the Kennedy Space Center, Skeleton Museum, Orlando Science Center, Ripley’s Place Center.

Tourism in Miami

Miami is one of the best tourist cities in America. It is located on the Atlantic coast in southeastern Florida. Visitors to Miami prefer to relax at the famous Miami Beach, which is distinguished by its fine white sand, and its clear blue water.

You can also visit the Miami Zoo, which includes more than 3,000 different animal species. As well as the Science Museum, Monkey Forest, Coral Castle, Miami River boat trips, and going to Time Out Market Miami. The city is wonderful and well worth a visit.

Tourism in Bay Lake

It is a charming American city located in Orange County and bears the name of a lake that was excavated in the same place. You will really miss a lot if you do not visit it when you travel to America, as the city is characterized by its close proximity to the four Walt Disney game cities to the Magic Kingdom that lies east of it, with two water parks that reflect the nature The picturesque United States of America that you can enjoy while you are on a boat or swimming and diving through them, contemplating a variety of rare marine creatures that are distinguished in the states of America.


Porn films are those films that show scenes of men and women without covering their bodies and without observing public morals, either by showing their naked bodies and bodies, or by depicting them in scenes in which they engage in sexual relations. . The viewer watches these films through one of the widespread technology means, such as television, smartphones, or computers, which leads to the length of staring at these films – regardless of their content – through these means to strain the eyes, weaken vision, and waste time without any value.

Addiction to watching porn

Pornography addiction is known as one of the behavioral addiction patterns in which the sufferer is dominated by an urgent desire to watch visual material that provokes instincts in all its forms. The rates of infection with this type of addiction have increased in recent years – especially among young people. And adolescents – as a result of the spread of the Internet and the absence of censorship, but this does not mean that it is limited to that age group only, but that a large percentage of adults suffer from the same issue.

Of course, not everyone who practices this act is classified as an addict, but this happens when he undergoes some behavioral changes indicative of addiction to watching pornographic films, which usually appear gradually, starting from spending long and continuous hours watching this type of content with the loss of the ability to abstain from it despite Repeated attempts, even the tendency to withdraw or sexual violence, and other serious complications resulting from the effect of porn addiction on the brain.

Signs of addiction to watching porn

There are some things that if a person does, it means that he may become addicted to these movies, which are :

  • Note that the time you spend watching porn continues to increase and grow.
  • Wasting time searching for porn sites on the Internet, not sleeping enough and neglecting work hours.
  • Forcing your partner to watch these pornographic films even if he does not want to.
  • Inability to enjoy sex without first watching porn.
  • Inability to stop watching porn or to stop coping with porn-related behaviors.
  • Cravings to watch pornographic films, which are similar to the strong feeling of craving for drugs.
  • A person becomes angry, hostile, or annoyed when told to stop watching porn.
  • Porn addicts deny they do.
  • Increased secrecy in relationships.
  • Feeling as though one is living a double or secret life due to porn use.
  • A person with a porn addiction feels guilty or ashamed and works hard to hide their viewin porn from others.

The danger of addiction to watching porn

Many people around the world are accustomed to watching pornographic films, through the sites that publish these films with the aim of realizing that they gain experience that helps them in establishing emotional relationships, but they do not realize the reality about this, as they may be exposed to addiction while they do not feel and are exposed to imminent damage that almost ends. Their lives and the damages of watching those kinds of movies.

Porn addict prisoner of fantasy

He becomes a prisoner of his imagination and moves away from reality greatly, and this affects in one way or another his relationship with his life partner, where his thinking is expected to have a certain pleasure that he was getting from watching sexual content, but he cannot reach it and this causes him to lose the feeling of happiness with the partner and may gradually disappear.

Porn addiction and the inability to marry.

For various reasons, especially material, “the addict may lead to falling into the arms of prostitutes, which puts him at risk of contracting various sexual diseases, such as AIDS and gonorrhea.”

Porn addict and the danger of applying what he sees

Addiction to pornographic content may create a state of embarrassment between the two partners, if the addict tries to implement what he sees in the movies on the ground, as there are many of these clips that are far from logic and fun to a large extent.

Porn addict and emotional cold

An addicted to porn movies gets a degree of saturation that his partner may not be able to deliver to her, no matter how hard he tries, and this causes a cooling of passion between them and creates many marital problems.

A porn addict and his purchase of sexual stimulants

One of the most serious damages is that a porn addict buys certain types of sexual stimulants in order to be able to apply what he was watching in the movies, and reach the degree of saturation he desires, as the wrong use of these stimulants will cause great physical damage

Porn addict and his mental state

A sex video addict suffers from a bad psychological state, and may reach the stage of not responding to any natural influence, no matter how beautiful his wife is, and this causes erectile dysfunction and many problems.

Tips to get rid of the harms of watching porn

Block websites that link you to pornography

It is very easy to access sites that contain porn in all its forms, so if you cannot prevent yourself from entering these sites, block them and unsubscribe from all these sites and you can use many applications and programs that filter porn sites such as Friends put the password and install it for you.

Get outside help

You do not have to deal with this problem on your own. You can get outside help, which can provide you with greater chances of success in getting rid of this habit, and you can use a lot of people

Change behaviors

Studies have shown that we often have to change the way we see ourselves to change our behaviour, for example if you are finding it difficult to commute to the gym you have to buy a set of new sportswear in order to start thinking of yourself as an athlete and over time you find your mind stimulates you When you get to the gym, changing your behavior helps a lot to get rid of the harms of watching porn.

Filling of free time

A simple technique that can help you break any bad habit, even if it is watching porn, is to find something else to do when you feel like watching porn, such as exercise or relaxation exercises and meditation.

Deal gently with relapse

Relapse is not only possible but inevitable, instead of shaming yourself and feeling like a bad person, think about what led you to relapse and how to better deal with the situation the next time you feel the urge to watch porn, because being hard on yourself will lead Only to more self-hatred.

Stay away from watching porn

You have to ask yourself about the most used way to watch pornographic movies, for example the computer, and move away from that method gradually, and when you find a desire that attracts you towards the computer, you have to go and do anything else until your mind calms down and is distracted from watching pornographic films.

Participate in some alternative hobbies and activities

Try to follow habits or activities that you enjoy doing and that feel healthier or more meaningful than watching porn, for example, consider the many things you can do as an alternative to watching porn

Sexual problems and their solutions

business insurance

What Is Business Insurance ?

Business insurance coverage protects businesses from losses due to events that may occur during the normal course of business. There are many types of insurance for businesses including coverage for property damage, legal liability and employee-related risks.

Companies evaluate their insurance needs based on potential risks, which can vary depending on the type of environment in which the company operates.

What does business insurance cover ?

Business insurance isn’t a specific coverage. It’s a term used to describe one or more individual coverages that protect a small business. The range of protection depends on the specific coverages a business carries. For example, “business insurance” can refer to a single coverage, such as general liability, but it can also include many more.

Which coverages do I need ?

Each business has unique needs, but nearly all should consider general liability. It’s the most common coverage, protecting businesses against a wide variety of situations involving third-party injuries or property damage (e.g. slip and falls, broken windows).

If you or your employees drive for work-related tasks, you’ll probably need commercial auto insurance. Most states require that you carry workers’ compensation if you have employees.

Not sure what you need? Answer five simple questions to find which coverages you should consider for your small business.

Why do I need business insurance ?

You need it to protect against severe financial loss. Without it, your business could be crippled by a single incident. For example, a customer was injured and you’re legally responsible. Without insurance, the medical bills and legal fees could become impossible to afford. Don’t let this happen to you.

Do I need business insurance if I’m a sole proprietor ?

Yes. As a matter of fact, sole proprietors are personally responsible for their business’s debts. This means their personal assets, such as bank accounts or property, might be targeted to satisfy an outstanding business debt. Accidents are unavoidable, but the financial impact they can cause is something you should plan for no matter how small your business is.

The Right Types of Insurance for Businesses

There are many types of insurance options out there that business owners can get. Insurance helps protect your company from different risks that can come up during normal operations. Choosing what business insurance you need can seem overwhelming, but we’re here to help.

Many business owners start with a Business Owner’s Policy (BOP) for their small business insurance needs. It combines three essential coverages :

  • General liability insurance
  • Commercial property insurance
  • Business income insurance

We’ve made the BOP blast preventer customizable, so you can add other business insurance covers for even more protection. For example, if your business provides professional customer service, you may want to take out a professional liability insurance policy. It can help protect your business from allegations that it has misrepresented the professional services provided.

We know that every business is different. That’s why we’re here to help you get the right types of business insurance.

Types of Business Insurance

Several types of business insurance that small business owners might consider, including the following :

Professional Liability Insurance

Professional liability insurance insures against negligence claims that result from mistakes or failure to perform. There is no one-size-fits-all professional liability coverage. Each industry has its own unique concerns that should be addressed.

Property Insurance

Property insurance covers equipment, signage, inventory, and furniture in the event of a fire, storm or theft. However, it doesn’t cover mass-destruction events like floods and earthquakes. If your area is at risk for these issues, you’ll need a separate policy. Another exception is personal property that is very high value and expensive—this is usually covered by purchasing an addition to the policy called a « rider. » If there’s a claim, the property insurance policy will either reimburse the policyholder for the actual value of the damage or the replacement cost to fix the problem.

Home-Based Businesses

Homeowner’s policies don’t cover home-based businesses like commercial property insurance covers businesses. If you’re operating a home-based business, inquire about additional coverage for equipment and inventory.

Product Liability Insurance

If your business manufactures products to sell, product liability insurance is very important. Any business can find itself named in a lawsuit due to damages caused by its products. Product liability insurance protects a business in such cases.

Vehicle Insurance

Any vehicles used for business should be fully insured. At the very least, businesses should insure against third-party injury, but comprehensive automobile insurance will cover the vehicle in an accident, as well. If employees are using their own cars for business, their own personal insurance will cover them in the event of an accident. One major exception is if a person is delivering goods or services for a fee, including delivery personnel.

Business Interruption Insurance

Business interruption (or continuation) policies are a type of insurance that is especially applicable to companies that require a physical location to do business, such as retail stores or manufacturing facilities. Business interruption insurance compensates a business for its lost income during events that cause a disruption to the normal course of business.

Four steps to buy business insurance

  • Assess your risks. Think about what kind of accidents, natural disasters, or lawsuits could damage your business. For example, if your business is located in a commercial area that is at risk from seasonal events such as fire or hail storms, commercial property insurance will help protect against loss.
  • Find a reputable licensed agent. Commercial insurance agents can help you find policies that match your business needs. They receive commissions from insurance companies when they sell policies, so it’s important to find a licensed agent that’s interested in your needs as much as his or her own.
  • Shop around. Prices and benefits can vary significantly. You should compare rates, terms, and benefits for insurance offers from several different agents.
  • Re-assess every year. As your business grows, so do your liabilities. If you have purchased or replaced equipment or expanded operations, you should contact your insurance agent to discuss changes in your business and how they affect your coverage.

auto insurance

Voip service for small business

Are you looking for the best business phone system?

VoIP refers to a telephone service over the Internet that allows you to receive and make calls on your computer or mobile device. It is a highly cost-effective call management solution for businesses of all sizes.

With Business VoIP, you can efficiently manage business calls, build a stronger relationship with customers, and improve your sales.

What is VoIP technology ?

VoIP is an abbreviation of the term Voice over internet protocol, which means the possibility of voice communication with people over the Internet in addition to other means such as communication via fax, but in general this technology is more famous for voice communication, and VoIP technology is distinguished from traditional means of communication in being less expensive and Flexible in terms of the ability to communicate from anywhere.

Among the features that are also unique to it are “Voice mail, call forwarding and video calls, in addition to the applications installed on the desktop phone that enable you to answer calls automatically until you return.” The devices operating with this technology vary between wired and wireless, and mobile applications Smart phones that support voice communication also work with VoIP technology, such as Skype.

Do you need a VoIP business phone system ?

VoIP services are the first choice for many companies, start-ups and entrepreneurs because they can cost less than traditional phone services. Plus, it includes features that go far beyond making and receiving calls.

You know, the things you usually pay for like voicemail, call forwarding, video calls, conferencing, and more.

Here are some of the reasons why you might want to choose a commercial VoIP phone system over a traditional one :

  • Sharing one number between multiple users at the same time
  • Use a computer, desk phone, or mobile phone to make and receive calls
  • Track call duration, hold times, hold times and general usage
  • Add new employees without calling a phone technician

Best VoIP Service


Nextiva is the best corporate VoIP service available in the market. They offer a simple but extremely powerful phone system for businesses.

Nextiva’s business call management system includes features such as unlimited calling, unlimited texting and faxing, call waiting, instant conference calling, and more. It provides a complete unified communication system with voice, video, text, mobile applications and web collaboration.

It also includes an auto-responder feature that automatically welcomes callers and helps them choose the person or department they are trying to reach.

Nextiva is trusted by the world’s largest brands such as Taco Bell, Ashleys Furniture and Conan, and is the world’s premier business phone service provider.

Positives :

  • Using Nextiva business phone service is really easy as it provides an easy to use control panel to manage all your calls, voicemails, SMS and more.
  • It is an affordable business VoIP phone service system.
  • The Nextiva team offers highly customized customer service. They help you with every step from pre-sale, preparation, and preparation, to using it every day.

cons : If you are a non-technical person, it may take some time to set up Nextiva and get used to its interface.

Pricing : Starts at $18.95 per user, per month. (prices go down as you add more users to your Nextiva plan).


Ooma is the best VoIP phone service for small businesses. You can get one free 1-800 number with an Ooma Office account for your business and stay in touch with your customers no matter where you are.

But if you want more free numbers, you will have to buy them. Besides, this business VoIP phone service system offers flexible and reasonable rate plans along with a lot of features. So, you don’t have to break the bank to add VoIP phone service to your website.

Some of the main features of Ooma include virtual receptionist, dedicated mobile and desktop applications, call blocking, multi-ring feature, call recording, and more.

Positives :

  • You get a lot of features at affordable prices
  • It can convert traditional telephone and fax into digital signals

Cons : Requires a high-speed internet connection to function properly or you may experience delays

Pricing : Starts at $19.95 per user.


RingCentral is another popular business phone system. They provide feature-rich business phone systems for both small businesses and enterprise-level businesses.

Their plans are comprehensive and bundled with all the essential features you will need to connect with your customers and grow your business. To name a few, it includes unlimited calling, call recording, instant messaging, call history, video meeting, screen sharing, call forwarding, and more.

Additionally, it offers a free or local number, a minimum of 100 free minutes per month, and a voice-to-text voicemail service. You can also integrate your phone system with third-party services like G Suite, Dropbox, Salesforce, etc.

Positives :

  • easy to install and use; You can activate your phone service within minutes and start using it.
  • It offers highly scalable services. You can add features to your plan as your business grows.

Cons : Many users have complained about the poor customer support they provide.

Pricing : Starts at $19.99 per month per user.


Grasshopper is also among the best business phone system solutions that you can use to improve business communications. It allows you to choose from free and vanity-free local numbers as your business phone number and make quick calls to your customers.

Grasshopper’s business phone service features desktop and mobile apps, business texting, call forwarding, simultaneous call handling, custom greeting, virtual fax, and more.

Grasshopper is a virtual phone system that can forward calls to any phone number or mobile device. However, a disadvantage is that you need a regular phone line for outgoing calls.

Positives :

  • You can easily setup Grasshopper Business VoIP system for your company.
  • Calls can be forwarded to anywhere in the world with Grasshopper.

Cons : Your employees need to use existing landlines or cell phones to make outgoing calls.

Pricing : Starts at $26 per month for 1 number and 3 extensions (when paid annually).


Vonage is a premium business phone system and VoIP provider. It is a powerful cloud-based VoIP service that provides high-quality voice, video and messaging communications.

In addition, it cooperates with Amazon Chime to offer web conferencing, chatting, screen sharing, file sharing, etc.

Vonage also integrates well with other popular cloud-based applications such as Office 365, G Suite, Salesforce, etc., and helps increase your productivity.

Positives :

  • Vonage Business keeps your business calls on and running 24/7. They claim an uptime reliability of 99.999%.
  • It has lower international calling rates.

Cons : Setting up Vonage requires some technical skills, and non-technical users may encounter some problems at first.


CallHippo helps you make quality calls to your customers and build stronger relationships with them. It’s an easy-to-use virtual business phone system that you can use to provide customer support, answer pre-sale questions, and more.

With CallHippo, you can get a local number instantly and make calls to over 190 countries. I don’t need a desk phone to receive and make calls.

Positives :

  • It provides a simple and easy to use interface for complete call management.
  • The CallHippo team provides great customer support.

Cons : CallHippo lacks some important features offered by its competitors.

Pricing : Starts at $14 per user, per month.

Skype for Business

Skype is one of the most popular communication tools for online calling and chatting. It is widely used for personal communications, however, Skype for Business is available for businesses.

Skype for Business lets you conduct professional online meetings with up to 250 people, record sessions, share your screen, send instant messages, and more. It is one of the cheapest VoIP business phone services that you can get.

Positives : Skype for Business is part of the Office 365 Business suite from Microsoft. This means that you can use all other powerful Microsoft applications with it.

Cons : It does not have the advanced VoIP features that a full VoIP service might offer.

Pricing : Starts at $8.25 per user, per month (with an annual commitment).

hire freelancer developer

hire freelancer developer

You are expanding and ready to increase your software development team. After doing some research, you’ve decided that hiring remote developers is the best solution for you, finding quality talent from around the world to « chasing the sun » and keeping your project running around the clock.

You’ve found a talented freelance developer, had a successful interview, and you’re ready to start their onboarding. What then?

How do you hire the best freelance web developer ?

Many people think that web development is a simple process that can be accomplished in quick steps, but the truth is that it goes through several stages before a website is ready for use, from construction to maintenance and updating. The web developer makes sure during each stage that the site performs the functions assigned to it, in terms of ease of use, speed of performance, scalability and development on what has been built. The stages of developing any website include:

  • Back-end Development : The first stage in which developers write the code and directives that make the site work, including the computational and functional logic of the web, and those instructions are executed on the web server and are not seen or interacted with by visitors.
  • Front-end development : The code that defines the final look that visitors see and interact with. Here, the user side is addressed through the parts that visitors interact with directly, such as: the search box and drop-down lists, and it is affected by the type of browser and the processing speed on the device.
  • Database technologies : In the previous two stages, the developers set up the background and the container through which the various data on this site travel to and from visitors and customers, and this requires management of the process of saving, storing and updating this data. These three stages are specialized in web developers and one developer may do all the previous tasks and he is called a full-stack developer.

Hire a Frontend Developer to Build Your Website Professionally

Businesses take care of their visual identity electronically, user interfaces are the first attraction when a customer visits your site, and it is through which they interact with the business. But providing attractive and easy-to-use interfaces has become a challenge and needs to take into account many foundations, especially with the presence of the competing market. So, hire a freelance frontend developer to create professional interfaces for your site.

It’s not just about technology

So, you are looking for a freelance programmer and your focus is on their coding skills rather than anything else. Of course, technical skills are the priority, but before we get to it, we need to take a look at the human side of things. What does your company culture look like ? What does your team think of the new developer? What does the candidate think about you ? Is the filter suitable ?

While this sounds like a logical question, employers often overlook the cultural aspect due to their focus on technical skills. Now, if you’re in a hurry and need a couple of freelancers to help you meet the deadline in a month or two, then obviously the focus should be on skill and execution. However, if you are looking for people who will stay on board for months or years, who might become team members in the long run and eventually lead their own teams, it is very important to consider the human aspect. Also, independent developers can rapidly develop into vital team members, and eventually team leaders. If you hire a good freelancer and all goes well, you may find yourself sharing an office with that person after a year or two.

Technology changes and evolves, so developers have to adapt and learn new skills along the way. People can change, too, but that’s not something you can count on. With this in mind, it is sometimes better to choose a candidate who is willing to learn new skills and be a team player, than to choose a better programmer who causes friction in the team.

A million programmers have a million different personalities, and every company is different, so there is no one-size-fits-all rule when it comes to cultural fit; It’s up to you.

Most technical skills become obsolete in a matter of years, but people skills, professionalism and dedication do not. A developer who is willing to adapt to new industry trends and master new skills can prove more valuable than a developer who excels in a particular area of ​​expertise. A well-thought-out interview process should address some of these issues.

Depending on where you are and the type of business you run, it may be a good idea to consult someone who is used to dealing with freelance developers, especially if you haven’t had a chance to do so before. A number of legal and tax pitfalls can affect businesses in some jurisdictions, so if you’re considering bringing in your first freelance employee, be sure to consult your accountant (perhaps, even an attorney). Fortunately, in most parts of the world it should not be affected by outdated labor laws or tax laws written in the age of vacuum tube computing.

Where to find freelance web developers ?

Now, if you are new to the freelancing field, it can be difficult to know where to find your first freelancer. So we’ve rounded up the most popular ways you can find freelance translators for your projects.

freelancing platforms

One of the easiest ways to find freelancers is through freelance platforms. These are the websites where you can find a large group of freelancers to hire. They usually have some recruitment procedures in place themselves to help you avoid scams. All you need is to post your project description, browse through portfolios and choose the best candidate. The advantage of these platforms is that they usually offer very reasonable prices due to the high competition. So it is the easiest and most convenient way to hire a freelance web developer.

Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr are among the most popular freelance platforms. A worthy newcomer in the industry is ItHire. It offers all the services found on the previous platforms added with some additional features. Additionally, ItHire focuses on web development only. So you will get real experts in this page.

personal networks

You can find a good translator through your personal networks. It is one of the most popular ways to find freelancers. As you know, I just posted the news that your company is looking for a web developer. Your friends tell their friends, and through word of mouth, you start receiving resumes in your inbox.

The main drawback of this method is that you can only hire a few web developers like this. If you want to significantly expand your agency team, this method may not work. You may not be able to find as many freelancers as you want in your network.

So, eventually, you will eventually return to freelancing platforms. However, the good part about personal networking is that you can find trustworthy professionals. That’s because most of them have already worked with your acquaintances. And by their observations, you will know how good they are.

Freelance groups

How do you find a freelance web developer? Well, research the places where they live. Freelance workgroups. There are many Facebook groups where freelancers meet to find potential employees or discuss specific work-related questions. If you join these groups, you can easily find the freelancer you need! You have to spread a couple of words about your projects, and many freelancers will turn to your manager right away.

Voip service for small business

best email marketing software for ecommerce

Email has been around for more than 45 years. But its popularity has continued to grow since its inception.

The first e-mail was sent in 1971. In 1978, Gary Thuerk, Director of Marketing at Digital Equipment Corp., completed the first email marketing campaign, which generated $13 million in sales for the company, which is now worth $50.5 million.

This means that email marketing is one of the most profitable types of marketing.
Email marketing services and tools allow you to get the highest possible return on investment by automating your workflow, tracking email opening, number of clicks and responses, and gaining more subscribers to your mailing list.

best email marketing software for ecommerce


One of the most popular email marketing services, Sendinblue initially built a reputation for its affordable packages. With this email marketing software, you can easily create an autoresponder and custom workflow based on the triggers that enhance your relationship with your target audience. There is CRM access available and SMS marketing as well.

Sendinblue is an email marketing service for people who may not have a lot of prior experience with these tools. You can quickly create and customize email templates, using our drag and drop builder, and design signup forms for your site as well. There is also a selection of workflow templates to help with automation, detailed analytics, and reporting.

Features include :

  • Customizable Email Templates
  • SMS Marketing
  • Live chat and CRM support
  • Subscription forms and landing pages
  • Campaign tracking and analytics
  • WordPress Plugins
  • Lots of mergers
  • Drag and Drop Creator

Pros :

  • Low cost premium plans with free tier
  • Great automation for email
  • SMS Marketing Tool Included
  • Great portability
  • Landing page editor and form builder

Cons :

  • Limited Free Plan
  • Limited Free Plan

Pricing : For teams on a budget, Sendinblue has a free plan that lets you send up to 300 emails per day to unlimited contacts. After that, the pricing starts at just $25 per month, and increases depending on the number of emails you send.


GetResponse is one of the market leaders in email marketing, whether you’re looking for a cheaper solution or not. GetResponse aims to provide an integrated environment for customer support and email marketing methods. You can send one-time broadcasts, create ongoing email campaigns, and even access pre-made autoresponder workflows.

There are plenty of great templates to choose from, a plethora of powerful hashing features, and a selection of triggered email options as well. You can also unlock some great email stats and analytics with GetResponse which gives you insight into what your customers need from you. There are even ecommerce features to explore, landing pages, and webinar hosting.

GetResponse Features :

  • Email automation and trigger-based emails
  • Single transaction emails
  • Support for analytics and reports
  • Excellent e-commerce features
  • Landing pages and opt-in forms
  • Sales funnel support
  • webinar hosting
  • Comprehensive custom templates
  • A set of account management options

Pros :

  • Comprehensive feature set
  • Excellent for sales funnels and e-commerce
  • Good reporting and analysis
  • Good set of templates
  • Lots of account management options
  • easy to use

Cons :

  • Not the best drag and drop interface
  • Customer Support Limits

Pricing : Despite its large set of features, GetResponse starts out very low. You can spend as little as 15% per month on the Basic package to spend an unlimited number of emails on 1,000 subscribers. The Plus package is also available at $49 per month, or the Pro package at $99 per month.


HubSpot isn’t always the first name companies think of when it comes to choosing cheap email marketing tools. While more expensive packages are available from HubSpot, there are also free options available, if you know where to look. HubSpot is best known for its marketing automation platform, which recently introduced new free email marketing tools.

If you’re sending thank you emails from purchases or promoting existing campaigns, you can get a lot done with your free HubSpot email marketing tool. One of the best things about this tool is how easy it is to use. You get a drag-and-drop visual editor, plenty of ready-made templates to explore, and you can even unlock a free CRM system for customer support.

Features :

  • FREE access to CRM
  • Drag and drop the visual editor
  • Lots of professional templates
  • Free to use the service
  • Social media and customer service options are available
  • integration options
  • Very easy to use
  • Good for customer tracking

Pros :

  • Excellent set of features for free
  • Customer service support with CRM
  • Customer service, sales and other marketing tools available
  • Easy to use for beginners
  • Large selection of templates

Cons :

  • It can get expensive very quickly

Pricing : As mentioned above, you can get a HubSpot email marketing service and CRM solution from the company for free. However, if you decide to upgrade to a full marketing and sales system, things can get very expensive very quickly. Smallest Stats Pack at $50 per month and goes up to the thousands.


MailerLite stands out as one of the cheapest email marketing software solutions that you can find today. However, surprisingly, low costs don’t necessarily mean that you won’t get the right choice of features. MailerLite provides excellent value by giving you all the tools you need to compose and send emails. You can even design your own landing pages.

MailerLite is an easy-to-use email marketing service that will appeal well to a range of businesses, especially small businesses. The system helps build and send emails with a drag-and-drop solution that requires no coding knowledge. You can automate your campaigns, create custom workflows, and track engagement rates as well.

Features :

  • A set of customizable templates
  • No coding experience required
  • Ease of automation and operating options
  • Fast support and customer service
  • Track your engagement rate
  • Customized Stakeholder Reports
  • Popups and landing pages for potential customers
  • simple interface

Pros :

  • Free plan forever and cheap rates
  • Great for beginners who don’t have coding knowledge
  • Good tracking and analytics
  • Simple building tools with drag and drop
  • Fast and convenient customer support

Cons :

  • Some features are missing like tags for customers

Pricing : MailerLite keeps things simple with pricing. Each plan comes with the same set of features and unlimited emails. The difference lies in the number of subscribers you can get in each package. With the free plan, you can have up to 1,000 subscribers. This is ideal for small businesses. There is also an option for $2,500 per month where you can have 2,500 subscribers.


Moosend may not be as well known as some of the options on this list, or larger companies like MailChimp, but it’s still a great option for small businesses. With this software, you can create immersive email marketing campaigns, complete with detailed campaign performance reports to help you track how your campaigns are improving.

There are plenty of opportunities to build subscription models and design behavioral campaigns based on specific segments of your audience. This email marketing platform also comes with a bunch of integration options, so you can link it to your favorite apps, email newsletter solutions and more.

Features :

  • Landing pages and signup forms
  • Subscription forms
  • Reports and Analytics
  • Team member accounts
  • SMTP server
  • SSO and SAML
  • Immigration support on board
  • Custom transaction emails

Pros :

  • The Forever Free plan is great for beginners
  • Very little preliminary knowledge required
  • It’s easy to send a bunch of bulk emails
  • Click Analytics and Custom Reports
  • Convenient to manage your email list

Cons :

  • Not the best email editor
  • Limited automation features

Pricing : Pricing starts at $9 per month for up to 500 subscribers, with support for up to 5 team members and an SMTP server. If you want all the features MooSend can offer, you’ll need to contact the company and create a custom plan.


Mailjet is an email marketing solution that brings teams together to work on customer conversion and delight strategies. Unlike many email marketing tools, Mailjet is very collaborative, with a dedicated space for your teams where they can discuss their strategies and build conversion plans.

MailJet comes with a range of templates to choose from, so you can make your brand stand out online. There is a rich gallery of templates, and you can avoid creating templates back and forth thanks to approvals and comments. Defining and protecting your style is easy because you can also lock specific sections of your templates.

Features :

  • Subscription forms and pages
  • Retail list and organization
  • Convenient customizable templates
  • Personalize your templates
  • Transactional emails
  • Automated workflow
  • Predefined automated sequences
  • API and SMTP Relay

Pros :

  • Excellent subscription forms
  • Lots of customization for templates
  • Easy Automated Workflow
  • API and SMTP access
  • SMS support
  • good for cooperation

Cons :

  • Expensive for some features, such as delivery services
  • Fairly limited free plan

Pricing : Mailjet affordable pricing. There are different packages to choose from, depending on the number of emails you want to send. Basic plans start at $9.65 for 30,000 emails per month. You can upgrade to Premium for $20.95 per month, and there are dedicated products available for enterprises. If you only want to send 6,000 emails per month, the service is 100% free forever. However, you can only send a maximum of 200 emails per day.

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online graduate programs in social work

Best Online PhD Programs in Social Work

University of Southern California (Los Angeles, California)

The online DSW program at USC was the first among elite research universities to offer a Doctor of Social Work (DSW) degree online.

The program (known as DSW @ USC) is live online classes taught by Susan Durak Beck University’s School of Social Work. Live classes use hack rooms, live chat, and document sharing, which are designed to foster intimate, close discussion.

Additionally, for the live classes, students are expected to attend two personal accommodations, which take place during the third and sixth semesters. Each stay is six days, running from Sunday evening through Friday.

Accommodations are held in Los Angeles and Washington, D.C. The program brings social workers into the larger public discourse as they examine and build ways to advance people’s basic human rights and build a just society.

Unlike a PhD in Social Work, which prepares scholars for research and professor positions, DSW @ USC is an online advanced practice degree program aimed at working professionals who want to have a greater impact in their practice.

Graduates of the program are trained to engage and lead conversations on cross-cutting topics such as gun violence, alternative care, and homelessness.

Walden University (Minneapolis, MN)

Walden’s online PhD program in Social Work helps students prepare to practice at the highest level in the field of social work as a researcher, college-level educator, or administrative leader.

The challenging curriculum helps students analyze advanced theory and explore some of the most pressing and cutting edge issues in social work today. Thus, students adjust their studies to their interests by choosing one of eight majors: addiction and social work; clinical experience; Criminal justice; disasters, crises and intervention; family studies and interventions; medical social service; practicing politics; and Social Service Administration.

Four face-to-face academic residencies support the learning experience by giving students the opportunity to collaborate with professors and colleagues, build a social and professional community, and enhance their ability to influence positive social change.

The Master of Social Work (MSW) is a requirement for a doctoral degree in a social work program. As graduates of this program, students can become lifelong contributors to the profession through research, scholarly writing, and thought leadership.

Baylor University (Waco, Texas)

Baylor University offers an online doctoral degree program through the Diana R. Garland for Social Work. The program uses HD video conferencing technology to provide students with a simulated classroom experience.

Students will need to visit campus for a five-day introductory session, and again before the program ends. The Baylor Ph.D. program helps build leaders and educators in the field of social work.

Students can expect to take courses such as Christianity, Ethics, Social Work, Religious and Cultural Diversity, Quantitative Social Work Research, Statistical Analysis of Social Work, and both hands-on research and education.

It will take students approximately three to four years to complete a Baylor program.

St. Thomas University – School of Social Work

The Doctor of Social Work (DSW) from St. Thomas University is an online course with field education students must attend a two-week on-campus residency each summer in St. Paul, Minnesota.

You can complete the online DSW program in approximately 3 years – 45 semester credits (15 courses required) Fall and Spring semesters each consisting of two consecutive 8-week sessions.

To gain admission, you must have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0-4.0 in previous graduate work.

St. Thomas University (St. Paul, Minnesota)

The University of St. Thomas offers a three-year online DSW program that provides students with university-level teaching and advanced higher education positions.

Students complete their coursework online, except for a two-week stay that takes place annually on campus during summer courses.

During the fall and spring of each year, students must complete two 8-week courses. Classes include history of social work and social work education, professor roles and responsibilities, mission and purpose through curriculum development, theoretical social work perspectives, and hands-on training.

Students must complete 45 credit hours in order to graduate.

Capella University

Capella University awards an online DSW program to prepare social workers for leadership and educator positions in various workplaces.

Students can expect to attend a doctoral research seminar, residency experience, and a doctoral coronation project. Typical courses include Leadership and Management in Complex Social Systems, Advanced Social Work Policy and Practice, and Advanced Social Work Practitioner as a Leader for Social Change.

Tuition: $4,296 per quarter – Information provided by the University.

The University of Tennessee at Knoxville

This academic and research degree focuses on the use of the scientific method to develop the field of social work in terms of education and practical applications.

The school has a relationship with two world-class research centres, including the Center for Behavioral Health Research, creating collaborations with students and real-world professionals who are part of the university’s faculty.

Students do not need on-campus residence for this program. Furthermore, the degree requires 66 semester credits of coursework following a university degree, three research articles, a series of comprehensive exams, and a thesis. Typical courses include critical thinking of science and research, research on social work practice, and professional development for social work scholars.

University of South Carolina

The University of South Carolina offers an online DSW alternative This degree aims to drive the cost of research across the community across disciplines

Also, the program develops social workers into scholars and leaders who are willing to engage in the field in various different disciplines and issues.

Furthermore, you will find that the college also focuses on social justice and has several ongoing research projects working on diversity and family studies.

Students must complete 60 credit hours of coursework.

Typical courses include Design and Critical Analysis of Social Work Research, Community Research for Social Welfare and Social Change, and Intellectual Foundations of Social Welfare and Social Work: Historical Roots.

Louisiana State University

Louisiana State University awards DSW alternative online. This degree is intended for social work professionals who have an interest in conducting research in the field in order to change social environments for the better.

Moreso, is an interdisciplinary program and is currently the only one of its kind in the state of Louisiana.

Like many other social work programs, it requires stays on campus during the summer; The remainder of the work must be completed in the student’s own community and in his or her own time.

Students can expect to complete 45 credit hours of coursework, research projects, a comprehensive exam, and a thesis.

Tuition fee: $10,814

University of Alabama

A comprehensive online DSW alternative comes from the University of Alabama in the form of a research-based Ph.D. program in the field.

It is a comprehensive degree that includes a variety of experiences for students that they may not get anywhere else.

Furthermore, students can expect to complete 73 credit hours of coursework, a research project, an internship, a comprehensive examination, and a thesis.

The social work and welfare state sample courses include concepts and theories of social work practice, and methods of relying on multiple variables.

Tuition fee: $10,470

kutztown university

Kutztown University offers an online DSW program geared toward social workers interested in developing their careers and their understanding of social work in the current American climate.

All students study part-time, allowing them to continue in their current profession without major interruption.

Like many other programmes, this degree requires some hands-on teaching, which takes place in an experiential format, enabling students to get a feel for what their new career might entail.

In addition, students must complete 60 credits of coursework and research projects, attend a conference to which they have submitted their research, a comprehensive examination, and a dissertation.

Typical courses include research methodology, social work leadership, and social work educator-researcher.

Tuition fee: $9,618

University of Houston

In the online DSW program, students are trained to analyze and carry out research, given the opportunity to participate in work environments, and given all the tools to take on leadership roles after graduation.

Furthermore, this online degree is also available to students on a full-time or part-time plan of study, enabling them to choose the amount of time they devote to their education.

Students must complete 53 credit hours of coursework, research projects, practicum, comprehensive exam, and a thesis. Typical courses include statistics, data analysis, welfare policy analysis, and teaching in higher education.

Tuition fee: $9,519

Albany Sunny University

The University of Albany SUNY is a leader in doctoral programs in social work. Nationally renowned for graduating some of the best-known social workers in the field today, the program continues to achieve goodwill by offering an online version of its traditional degree to students from all over the country.

The school is best known for its area of ​​research focus, which includes diversity and health disparities for minorities, LGBT youth, and addiction.

With on-campus residency per session lasting only one week and the ability to choose between full-time and part-time study, this program is best for students with a passion for research and education of the next generation of social workers.

Students must complete 30 credits of coursework, a research project, a knowledge area, independent study, a comprehensive examination, and a thesis before graduation.

Typical courses include social care policy, application of advanced methods in social care research, and general reading in social care and social work.

Tuition fee: $9,223

University of Central Florida

Abbreviation University of Central Florida offers four concentrations: Sociology of Crime and Deviant Behavior, Domestic Violence, Social Inequality, Health, Families, and Communities. This degree is ideal for students interested in going into research or academia after graduation.

The program requires weekend stays each semester, but apart from that, all other coursework is transferred via asynchronous routes.

Also, students are encouraged to get help, although it is not necessary for graduation.

Students must complete 60 credits of coursework, research projects, comprehensive examination, independent study, and thesis. Typical courses include social policy and research analysis, theoretical criminology, and the design and implementation of social services.

Lecture: $6,368

Florida Atlantic University

Cheap online DSW comes from Florida Atlantic University, whose program began in 2016, making it the first DSW program in the state of Florida.

This part-time degree is specifically designed for working professionals in mind. Courses are offered in both traditional and online formats, with only one orientation residency required for graduation.

Students are taught in the Scholar model, which means that students address the concepts and theories discussed during the courses as academics and practitioners.

This degree requires 60 credits of coursework, a research project, clinical practice, and a major project for graduation.

Typical courses include advanced clinical social work practice theories and knowledge, social work etymology, and evaluation and interpretation of social work research.

columbia school of social work

Columbia school social work acceptance rate.

Columbia School of Social Work (also known as CSSW) is a school of social work in Columbia, New York, USA. It is an affiliated college and operates the Columbia University School of Social Sciences. It is a prestigious college as well as the first school of social work in the United States

Since its establishment in 1898, the Columbia School of Social Work has grown to become one of the largest social and political influencers in the United States. It initially started as a summer school for philanthropy. However, she later witnessed her name change to The New York School of Philanthropy. Then, in 1940, the school saw a merger between it and Columbia University. That was when it got its new name, Columbia School of Social Work.

This school has consistently led in the advancement and development of social work through scholarships as well. It is also one of the oldest schools of social work in the entire United States

Programs and Degrees at Columbia School of Social Work.

CSSW offers a master’s degree in CSWE social work as well as a doctorate in social work degree. These are credible degrees in demand of social work professionals, especially in the state of Columbia. The school also offers opportunities for social workers to earn credits to continue their education.

MSW program

MSW stands for Master’s Degree in Social Work. This is one of the available degrees that students can take at Columbia School of Social Work.

The MSW program aims to enrich students with rich and diverse backgrounds and perspectives.

The school instills a common aspiration as well as a norm, which promotes human rights, social justice and respect for human diversity. Students receive grooming about how to improve lives and strengthen communities as part of their duties as social workers. They receive training in the roles of clinicians, advocates, planners, policy analysts, researchers, and managers.

Columbia College of Social Work graduates can take on leadership roles in social work practice and events. The program is open to any former social worker in addition to those who wish to do so.

Application process

Before willing workers can start applying, they must first fulfill some conditions. Most of these conditions/criteria are mostly related to students like preferred platform of study, field of specialization, etc. Below is a summary of the requirements for students before they can start applying.

General Requirements: This is a list of the student’s choices and preferences. This includes the student’s preferred platform, major, as well as the type of program.

Next, the student must complete and submit the online application form. This application form is available on the schools website, visit their website to find it. Next, the applicant must prepare and submit their resume, along with the application fee ($75).

Essay questions and three reference letters as well as relevant texts are finally required.

In addition to the previous requirements, some programs require additional application materials from some students. Such as that includes international applicants.

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