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Are you looking for the best business phone system?

VoIP refers to a telephone service over the Internet that allows you to receive and make calls on your computer or mobile device. It is a highly cost-effective call management solution for businesses of all sizes.

With Business VoIP, you can efficiently manage business calls, build a stronger relationship with customers, and improve your sales.

What is VoIP technology ?

VoIP is an abbreviation of the term Voice over internet protocol, which means the possibility of voice communication with people over the Internet in addition to other means such as communication via fax, but in general this technology is more famous for voice communication, and VoIP technology is distinguished from traditional means of communication in being less expensive and Flexible in terms of the ability to communicate from anywhere.

Among the features that are also unique to it are “Voice mail, call forwarding and video calls, in addition to the applications installed on the desktop phone that enable you to answer calls automatically until you return.” The devices operating with this technology vary between wired and wireless, and mobile applications Smart phones that support voice communication also work with VoIP technology, such as Skype.

Do you need a VoIP business phone system ?

VoIP services are the first choice for many companies, start-ups and entrepreneurs because they can cost less than traditional phone services. Plus, it includes features that go far beyond making and receiving calls.

You know, the things you usually pay for like voicemail, call forwarding, video calls, conferencing, and more.

Here are some of the reasons why you might want to choose a commercial VoIP phone system over a traditional one :

  • Sharing one number between multiple users at the same time
  • Use a computer, desk phone, or mobile phone to make and receive calls
  • Track call duration, hold times, hold times and general usage
  • Add new employees without calling a phone technician

Best VoIP Service


Nextiva is the best corporate VoIP service available in the market. They offer a simple but extremely powerful phone system for businesses.

Nextiva’s business call management system includes features such as unlimited calling, unlimited texting and faxing, call waiting, instant conference calling, and more. It provides a complete unified communication system with voice, video, text, mobile applications and web collaboration.

It also includes an auto-responder feature that automatically welcomes callers and helps them choose the person or department they are trying to reach.

Nextiva is trusted by the world’s largest brands such as Taco Bell, Ashleys Furniture and Conan, and is the world’s premier business phone service provider.

Positives :

  • Using Nextiva business phone service is really easy as it provides an easy to use control panel to manage all your calls, voicemails, SMS and more.
  • It is an affordable business VoIP phone service system.
  • The Nextiva team offers highly customized customer service. They help you with every step from pre-sale, preparation, and preparation, to using it every day.

cons : If you are a non-technical person, it may take some time to set up Nextiva and get used to its interface.

Pricing : Starts at $18.95 per user, per month. (prices go down as you add more users to your Nextiva plan).


Ooma is the best VoIP phone service for small businesses. You can get one free 1-800 number with an Ooma Office account for your business and stay in touch with your customers no matter where you are.

But if you want more free numbers, you will have to buy them. Besides, this business VoIP phone service system offers flexible and reasonable rate plans along with a lot of features. So, you don’t have to break the bank to add VoIP phone service to your website.

Some of the main features of Ooma include virtual receptionist, dedicated mobile and desktop applications, call blocking, multi-ring feature, call recording, and more.

Positives :

  • You get a lot of features at affordable prices
  • It can convert traditional telephone and fax into digital signals

Cons : Requires a high-speed internet connection to function properly or you may experience delays

Pricing : Starts at $19.95 per user.


RingCentral is another popular business phone system. They provide feature-rich business phone systems for both small businesses and enterprise-level businesses.

Their plans are comprehensive and bundled with all the essential features you will need to connect with your customers and grow your business. To name a few, it includes unlimited calling, call recording, instant messaging, call history, video meeting, screen sharing, call forwarding, and more.

Additionally, it offers a free or local number, a minimum of 100 free minutes per month, and a voice-to-text voicemail service. You can also integrate your phone system with third-party services like G Suite, Dropbox, Salesforce, etc.

Positives :

  • easy to install and use; You can activate your phone service within minutes and start using it.
  • It offers highly scalable services. You can add features to your plan as your business grows.

Cons : Many users have complained about the poor customer support they provide.

Pricing : Starts at $19.99 per month per user.


Grasshopper is also among the best business phone system solutions that you can use to improve business communications. It allows you to choose from free and vanity-free local numbers as your business phone number and make quick calls to your customers.

Grasshopper’s business phone service features desktop and mobile apps, business texting, call forwarding, simultaneous call handling, custom greeting, virtual fax, and more.

Grasshopper is a virtual phone system that can forward calls to any phone number or mobile device. However, a disadvantage is that you need a regular phone line for outgoing calls.

Positives :

  • You can easily setup Grasshopper Business VoIP system for your company.
  • Calls can be forwarded to anywhere in the world with Grasshopper.

Cons : Your employees need to use existing landlines or cell phones to make outgoing calls.

Pricing : Starts at $26 per month for 1 number and 3 extensions (when paid annually).


Vonage is a premium business phone system and VoIP provider. It is a powerful cloud-based VoIP service that provides high-quality voice, video and messaging communications.

In addition, it cooperates with Amazon Chime to offer web conferencing, chatting, screen sharing, file sharing, etc.

Vonage also integrates well with other popular cloud-based applications such as Office 365, G Suite, Salesforce, etc., and helps increase your productivity.

Positives :

  • Vonage Business keeps your business calls on and running 24/7. They claim an uptime reliability of 99.999%.
  • It has lower international calling rates.

Cons : Setting up Vonage requires some technical skills, and non-technical users may encounter some problems at first.


CallHippo helps you make quality calls to your customers and build stronger relationships with them. It’s an easy-to-use virtual business phone system that you can use to provide customer support, answer pre-sale questions, and more.

With CallHippo, you can get a local number instantly and make calls to over 190 countries. I don’t need a desk phone to receive and make calls.

Positives :

  • It provides a simple and easy to use interface for complete call management.
  • The CallHippo team provides great customer support.

Cons : CallHippo lacks some important features offered by its competitors.

Pricing : Starts at $14 per user, per month.

Skype for Business

Skype is one of the most popular communication tools for online calling and chatting. It is widely used for personal communications, however, Skype for Business is available for businesses.

Skype for Business lets you conduct professional online meetings with up to 250 people, record sessions, share your screen, send instant messages, and more. It is one of the cheapest VoIP business phone services that you can get.

Positives : Skype for Business is part of the Office 365 Business suite from Microsoft. This means that you can use all other powerful Microsoft applications with it.

Cons : It does not have the advanced VoIP features that a full VoIP service might offer.

Pricing : Starts at $8.25 per user, per month (with an annual commitment).

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