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Best Online PhD Programs in Social Work

University of Southern California (Los Angeles, California)

The online DSW program at USC was the first among elite research universities to offer a Doctor of Social Work (DSW) degree online.

The program (known as DSW @ USC) is live online classes taught by Susan Durak Beck University’s School of Social Work. Live classes use hack rooms, live chat, and document sharing, which are designed to foster intimate, close discussion.

Additionally, for the live classes, students are expected to attend two personal accommodations, which take place during the third and sixth semesters. Each stay is six days, running from Sunday evening through Friday.

Accommodations are held in Los Angeles and Washington, D.C. The program brings social workers into the larger public discourse as they examine and build ways to advance people’s basic human rights and build a just society.

Unlike a PhD in Social Work, which prepares scholars for research and professor positions, DSW @ USC is an online advanced practice degree program aimed at working professionals who want to have a greater impact in their practice.

Graduates of the program are trained to engage and lead conversations on cross-cutting topics such as gun violence, alternative care, and homelessness.

Walden University (Minneapolis, MN)

Walden’s online PhD program in Social Work helps students prepare to practice at the highest level in the field of social work as a researcher, college-level educator, or administrative leader.

The challenging curriculum helps students analyze advanced theory and explore some of the most pressing and cutting edge issues in social work today. Thus, students adjust their studies to their interests by choosing one of eight majors: addiction and social work; clinical experience; Criminal justice; disasters, crises and intervention; family studies and interventions; medical social service; practicing politics; and Social Service Administration.

Four face-to-face academic residencies support the learning experience by giving students the opportunity to collaborate with professors and colleagues, build a social and professional community, and enhance their ability to influence positive social change.

The Master of Social Work (MSW) is a requirement for a doctoral degree in a social work program. As graduates of this program, students can become lifelong contributors to the profession through research, scholarly writing, and thought leadership.

Baylor University (Waco, Texas)

Baylor University offers an online doctoral degree program through the Diana R. Garland for Social Work. The program uses HD video conferencing technology to provide students with a simulated classroom experience.

Students will need to visit campus for a five-day introductory session, and again before the program ends. The Baylor Ph.D. program helps build leaders and educators in the field of social work.

Students can expect to take courses such as Christianity, Ethics, Social Work, Religious and Cultural Diversity, Quantitative Social Work Research, Statistical Analysis of Social Work, and both hands-on research and education.

It will take students approximately three to four years to complete a Baylor program.

St. Thomas University – School of Social Work

The Doctor of Social Work (DSW) from St. Thomas University is an online course with field education students must attend a two-week on-campus residency each summer in St. Paul, Minnesota.

You can complete the online DSW program in approximately 3 years – 45 semester credits (15 courses required) Fall and Spring semesters each consisting of two consecutive 8-week sessions.

To gain admission, you must have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0-4.0 in previous graduate work.

St. Thomas University (St. Paul, Minnesota)

The University of St. Thomas offers a three-year online DSW program that provides students with university-level teaching and advanced higher education positions.

Students complete their coursework online, except for a two-week stay that takes place annually on campus during summer courses.

During the fall and spring of each year, students must complete two 8-week courses. Classes include history of social work and social work education, professor roles and responsibilities, mission and purpose through curriculum development, theoretical social work perspectives, and hands-on training.

Students must complete 45 credit hours in order to graduate.

Capella University

Capella University awards an online DSW program to prepare social workers for leadership and educator positions in various workplaces.

Students can expect to attend a doctoral research seminar, residency experience, and a doctoral coronation project. Typical courses include Leadership and Management in Complex Social Systems, Advanced Social Work Policy and Practice, and Advanced Social Work Practitioner as a Leader for Social Change.

Tuition: $4,296 per quarter – Information provided by the University.

The University of Tennessee at Knoxville

This academic and research degree focuses on the use of the scientific method to develop the field of social work in terms of education and practical applications.

The school has a relationship with two world-class research centres, including the Center for Behavioral Health Research, creating collaborations with students and real-world professionals who are part of the university’s faculty.

Students do not need on-campus residence for this program. Furthermore, the degree requires 66 semester credits of coursework following a university degree, three research articles, a series of comprehensive exams, and a thesis. Typical courses include critical thinking of science and research, research on social work practice, and professional development for social work scholars.

University of South Carolina

The University of South Carolina offers an online DSW alternative This degree aims to drive the cost of research across the community across disciplines

Also, the program develops social workers into scholars and leaders who are willing to engage in the field in various different disciplines and issues.

Furthermore, you will find that the college also focuses on social justice and has several ongoing research projects working on diversity and family studies.

Students must complete 60 credit hours of coursework.

Typical courses include Design and Critical Analysis of Social Work Research, Community Research for Social Welfare and Social Change, and Intellectual Foundations of Social Welfare and Social Work: Historical Roots.

Louisiana State University

Louisiana State University awards DSW alternative online. This degree is intended for social work professionals who have an interest in conducting research in the field in order to change social environments for the better.

Moreso, is an interdisciplinary program and is currently the only one of its kind in the state of Louisiana.

Like many other social work programs, it requires stays on campus during the summer; The remainder of the work must be completed in the student’s own community and in his or her own time.

Students can expect to complete 45 credit hours of coursework, research projects, a comprehensive exam, and a thesis.

Tuition fee: $10,814

University of Alabama

A comprehensive online DSW alternative comes from the University of Alabama in the form of a research-based Ph.D. program in the field.

It is a comprehensive degree that includes a variety of experiences for students that they may not get anywhere else.

Furthermore, students can expect to complete 73 credit hours of coursework, a research project, an internship, a comprehensive examination, and a thesis.

The social work and welfare state sample courses include concepts and theories of social work practice, and methods of relying on multiple variables.

Tuition fee: $10,470

kutztown university

Kutztown University offers an online DSW program geared toward social workers interested in developing their careers and their understanding of social work in the current American climate.

All students study part-time, allowing them to continue in their current profession without major interruption.

Like many other programmes, this degree requires some hands-on teaching, which takes place in an experiential format, enabling students to get a feel for what their new career might entail.

In addition, students must complete 60 credits of coursework and research projects, attend a conference to which they have submitted their research, a comprehensive examination, and a dissertation.

Typical courses include research methodology, social work leadership, and social work educator-researcher.

Tuition fee: $9,618

University of Houston

In the online DSW program, students are trained to analyze and carry out research, given the opportunity to participate in work environments, and given all the tools to take on leadership roles after graduation.

Furthermore, this online degree is also available to students on a full-time or part-time plan of study, enabling them to choose the amount of time they devote to their education.

Students must complete 53 credit hours of coursework, research projects, practicum, comprehensive exam, and a thesis. Typical courses include statistics, data analysis, welfare policy analysis, and teaching in higher education.

Tuition fee: $9,519

Albany Sunny University

The University of Albany SUNY is a leader in doctoral programs in social work. Nationally renowned for graduating some of the best-known social workers in the field today, the program continues to achieve goodwill by offering an online version of its traditional degree to students from all over the country.

The school is best known for its area of ​​research focus, which includes diversity and health disparities for minorities, LGBT youth, and addiction.

With on-campus residency per session lasting only one week and the ability to choose between full-time and part-time study, this program is best for students with a passion for research and education of the next generation of social workers.

Students must complete 30 credits of coursework, a research project, a knowledge area, independent study, a comprehensive examination, and a thesis before graduation.

Typical courses include social care policy, application of advanced methods in social care research, and general reading in social care and social work.

Tuition fee: $9,223

University of Central Florida

Abbreviation University of Central Florida offers four concentrations: Sociology of Crime and Deviant Behavior, Domestic Violence, Social Inequality, Health, Families, and Communities. This degree is ideal for students interested in going into research or academia after graduation.

The program requires weekend stays each semester, but apart from that, all other coursework is transferred via asynchronous routes.

Also, students are encouraged to get help, although it is not necessary for graduation.

Students must complete 60 credits of coursework, research projects, comprehensive examination, independent study, and thesis. Typical courses include social policy and research analysis, theoretical criminology, and the design and implementation of social services.

Lecture: $6,368

Florida Atlantic University

Cheap online DSW comes from Florida Atlantic University, whose program began in 2016, making it the first DSW program in the state of Florida.

This part-time degree is specifically designed for working professionals in mind. Courses are offered in both traditional and online formats, with only one orientation residency required for graduation.

Students are taught in the Scholar model, which means that students address the concepts and theories discussed during the courses as academics and practitioners.

This degree requires 60 credits of coursework, a research project, clinical practice, and a major project for graduation.

Typical courses include advanced clinical social work practice theories and knowledge, social work etymology, and evaluation and interpretation of social work research.

columbia school of social work

Columbia school social work acceptance rate.

Columbia School of Social Work (also known as CSSW) is a school of social work in Columbia, New York, USA. It is an affiliated college and operates the Columbia University School of Social Sciences. It is a prestigious college as well as the first school of social work in the United States

Since its establishment in 1898, the Columbia School of Social Work has grown to become one of the largest social and political influencers in the United States. It initially started as a summer school for philanthropy. However, she later witnessed her name change to The New York School of Philanthropy. Then, in 1940, the school saw a merger between it and Columbia University. That was when it got its new name, Columbia School of Social Work.

This school has consistently led in the advancement and development of social work through scholarships as well. It is also one of the oldest schools of social work in the entire United States

Programs and Degrees at Columbia School of Social Work.

CSSW offers a master’s degree in CSWE social work as well as a doctorate in social work degree. These are credible degrees in demand of social work professionals, especially in the state of Columbia. The school also offers opportunities for social workers to earn credits to continue their education.

MSW program

MSW stands for Master’s Degree in Social Work. This is one of the available degrees that students can take at Columbia School of Social Work.

The MSW program aims to enrich students with rich and diverse backgrounds and perspectives.

The school instills a common aspiration as well as a norm, which promotes human rights, social justice and respect for human diversity. Students receive grooming about how to improve lives and strengthen communities as part of their duties as social workers. They receive training in the roles of clinicians, advocates, planners, policy analysts, researchers, and managers.

Columbia College of Social Work graduates can take on leadership roles in social work practice and events. The program is open to any former social worker in addition to those who wish to do so.

Application process

Before willing workers can start applying, they must first fulfill some conditions. Most of these conditions/criteria are mostly related to students like preferred platform of study, field of specialization, etc. Below is a summary of the requirements for students before they can start applying.

General Requirements: This is a list of the student’s choices and preferences. This includes the student’s preferred platform, major, as well as the type of program.

Next, the student must complete and submit the online application form. This application form is available on the schools website, visit their website to find it. Next, the applicant must prepare and submit their resume, along with the application fee ($75).

Essay questions and three reference letters as well as relevant texts are finally required.

In addition to the previous requirements, some programs require additional application materials from some students. Such as that includes international applicants.

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