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Keywords or tags are important when you create a new article or advertisement or upload a video to YouTube to get more visitors and more profit from the Internet.

In SEO, identifying and researching keywords is the first step in the search engine optimization process for your site. Finding relevant keywords and using them within the content is one of the important things in search engine optimization to clarify the quality of your content, and its relevance to the search term.

The process of choosing keywords correctly helps you get better rankings in search engines and achieve better success in e-marketing. The process of choosing suitable keywords is one of the most important points that help you in the process of SEO optimization for your site.

The best keyword research tools

There are many tools and paid programs that are used in search engine optimization and search engine marketing, and among those tools there is a group for keyword research, and here is a list of the most important tools for searching for words.

Keyword Tool is one of the most important keyword research tools by giving you a lot of keywords targeted by your audience, it works using Google suggestions, and this is one of the important things that distinguishes it from other tools.

The second thing is that you can target a specific group of countries at one time and know the search volume on the keywords in them to be able to build your strategy and marketing plan through search engines in a professional manner.

The third feature of the tool is that through it you can learn about keywords for YouTube and a number of other platforms such as: (Google, Bing, Amazon, eBay, Play Store, Instagram, Twitter), whether you work in social media marketing, or marketing Through search engines, or working in e-commerce, or even extracting keywords for YouTube, you will find what makes you outperform your competitors.

Keyword Magic Tool

Keyword research tools are meant to show you the best keywords you can use to get free or paid traffic. That’s what SEMrush does, but with a few extras, which are unlike any other tool.

After adding the keyword, SEMrush helps you to make a specialized filtering of the results, as you can choose a specific country, choose a specific type of words (informational words, sales words, questions) to make your choice of the word more accurate for better results, and it also saves on your account all the words that You used it before to be able to go back to it again.

Keywords Explorer

Get thousands of keywords and choose the best keywords, in terms of calculating the probability of the number of visitors for that word, and knowing how difficult it is to rank (SEO Difficulty) in search engine results when using it, this is what Ahrefs Keywords Explorer offers you one of the best word search tools keychain.

The Keywords Explorer tool, developed by Ahrefs, enables you to get keywords from more than 170 countries around the world, wherever your audience is going to reach them. , and who are your competitors who have used it before.


KWFinder is considered one of the best keyword research tools, as it enables you to identify the most important information that any online marketer needs through search engines, from the monthly search volume for each word and knowing the times that word is used more in search, and the price per click for each word, which is It is one of the easiest tools to search for keywords.

Through it, you can learn about the words used by your competitor, as well as the words specific to each country to be able to target in a professional manner.

Meet Keyword Explorer

You will be able to get the traffic you are looking for by using Moz Keyword Explorer, one of the best keyword research tools. It enables you to find completely new words.

It helps you choose the keyword that you should target now through the “Priority” indicator, which makes you decide the right decision based on statistics about the keyword.

Google Trends

It is a tool that shows the most searched keywords and Google trends for a certain period of time. Through Google indicators, you can find out the most important keywords in this period, and you can also do a search for keywords and find out related events.

With the relevant searches that Google Trends will get and the volume of keyword searches, you can quickly come up with ideas for future content creation.

If you are looking for a “YouTube Tags” generator, then is specially designed for YouTube.

When you use to search for YouTube keywords for videos, you will know how good this amazing tool is and its impact on your business.

It is a completely free tool that also supports the Arabic language, and one of the best tools to get keywords for YouTube.

When you search for a word, you will see suggestions for keywords.

How to write and use keywords

Google’s search engine is getting smarter than before, until the beginning of 2018 it was possible that the frequency of keywords in the text (within the content) could affect the site’s rankings in Google.

But in the end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019, Google has been improving its search algorithms so incredibly, it has gotten smarter.

You must use keywords appropriately within the content of your page :

  • in the page title.
  • At least once in a proper description.
  • The use of target words in the content appropriately for the user does not have to be in high proportions.
  • Always remember that you are writing for your target audience, not for search engines !

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