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Are you wondering the talker about the importance of SMS marketing, recent statistics indicate that the average person checks their mobile phone about 85 times a day, so if you want your brand messages to reach more, your use of SMS is a very suitable option.
Whether the purpose of your text messages is advertising and marketing for your business in general, or announcing specific offers and discounts, mobile messages will help you strongly in communicating your messages to the target audience.

Basic SMS Marketing Software Features

In general, here are the most important features that these SMS marketing tools include :

  • Group Texting : Allows you to reach multiple contacts and send promotional text messages, polls, surveys, etc., effortlessly.
  • For transactional SMS : You can send follow-up text messages to customers after several automatically defined actions, for example, appointment reminders.
  • Two-way messaging : This feature allows you to start conversations with customers in real time.
  • Automation : With automated workflows and automated response, you can maintain customer interaction and improve engagement.
  • Reporting/Analytics : It helps you track the success of your campaigns and monitor what is working and what needs improvement.
  • Contact List Management : Allows you to segment your contact lists and deliver personalized experiences to your audience.
  • Scheduling : SMS Marketing Software feature allows you to schedule your text marketing campaigns at the right time.
  • Compliance : They comply with each country’s communications regulations (eg, TCIA) and maintain protection of personal data. It also offers multiple subscription options.

SMS Marketing

Direct access to text messages to customers

According to reports, 98% of all text messages sent are read within 5 minutes, so SMS is the fastest way to reach the customer directly and ensure that he reads your message immediately and without delay.

Speed of using SMS Marketing

Speed is one of the most important features of marketing with messages, with the click of a button, you can send your marketing message to a large number of users, unlike many other marketing methods that require a lot of advance preparation, time and effort.

Save a lot of effort

SMS marketing is characterized by ease of handling, as it does not require much effort from you or your business team, but it requires experience in choosing the content of the message and the target audience.

Reach a large number of users

The text message system allows reaching a large number of users at one time, it takes a specialist in the field of text message marketing to choose the recipients of your messages accurately. The goal is not to reach a large number in general, but rather to reach the largest number of potential customers specifically.

Follow-up reactions to your marketing message

An additional and impressive feature of text messages is knowing the reaction to your messages. Was it interesting? Who opened it? How many users did you reach exactly?
Monitoring these reports accurately keeps you always informed of your marketing performance using text messages, which makes you constantly evolving and progressing.

You are always in contact with clients

Sending text messages professionally, choosing the right time, and an attractive formula that makes you always communicate with your customers, which builds a strong link between you and customers, and this is one of the most important marketing goals in general.

Keeping text messages stored on the phone

Another feature that joins the list of advantages of mobile marketing messages is the storage of messages automatically in the phone, which makes it very easy to refer to them at any time, which enhances the value of the message and makes it accessible to customers on an ongoing basis.

Create successful marketing campaigns through SMS

If you want to impress your customers with SMS marketing and get the desired results, follow these tips :

Offers and discounts

One of the easiest ways to add value to your marketing SMS is to offer exclusive discounts or coupons to customers who receive your marketing SMS.
Exclusive offers will make customers feel special. Even if the offers you provide to them are not exclusive, they will make the user feel special so they are more likely to respond to the ad and decide to take advantage of it.


When customers get messages tailored to them, they become more interested in them and more motivated to take action.
In fact, personalized content outperforms static content by 42%.
So make sure to include personalization tokens in your SMS marketing.
Personalization messages for some brands include addressing each recipient by name, sending offers based on their location, and indicating recent activity with the company such as recent purchases or shipping information.

To be short

SMS messages are not the appropriate format for sending a long text to users, and the message length should not exceed 160 characters. So keep your text messages short and simple.
Start with something that attracts attention and add a phrase like “special offer” to the beginning of the message to grab users’ interest and encourage them to keep reading.

get permission

Just like email marketing it is important to get explicit permission from your customers for SMS marketing, this is a very simple procedure where you can include a phone number with the message opt-in field.
The real challenge is maintaining the permission you have, so tell your customer what kind of text messages they can receive from you.
Do not abuse your permission, choose messages carefully and choose appropriate times to send them, and remember that excessive texting will alienate and unsubscribe your customers.
It is a good idea to send customers a way to unsubscribe so that the customer does not feel compelled to receive messages permanently.

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