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Car Accidents

Car accidents affect everyone including the driver of the car, the occupants of the car, the drivers and passengers of other vehicles, pedestrians, cars on the road, public and private property.
Everyone is in the same court including you and me and others, whether you are the driver of the car, a passenger in the car, or a pedestrian. And since you are not the only one on the field. If you adhere to the rules of the game, it will not prevent you from the accident 100%, as there are other players on the field. Some don’t care, some don’t know the rules of the game, some play rough. That is why accidents occur and the obligated person may be injured more than the non-committed.

Therefore, vehicle users must be made aware of the safety rules (the responsibility of the traffic department and personal responsibility), and the laws to deter non-compliance with those rules should be established, the laws related to traffic and safety (the responsibility of traffic), and the provision of safe roads in terms of road conditions and the way it is designed (the responsibility of the road sector). Provides vehicle safety (the responsibility of the manufacturers). The condition of the car from a technical point of view (personal responsibility, traffic) in addition to the availability of original spare parts (responsibility of agencies, sales control), as well as the availability of trained technical workers (the training sector, the labor sector that gives licenses to practice the profession).

Causes of accidents

The causes of accidents are many and varied. There are direct and indirect ones, but they share and overlap between different countries, and we will list here the most important direct causes of traffic accidents :

  • Excessive speed stands at the top of the causes of accidents, which claim many innocent lives.
  • Recklessness, indifference and lack of responsibility, all of this leads to endangering the lives of young people and the lives of others.
  • Non-compliance with traffic rules and prioritizing another direct cause of accidents.
  • Leading reckless youth imitators of films.
  • Driving by young people without licenses.
  • Parents’ neglect and lack of supervision of their children in driving cars, and giving their children cars at an early age.

Effects of car accidents

bodily injury

Some people may have a car accident that is not fatal at times, but some injuries, bruises and wounds may appear as a result of this accident, and some appear as minor injuries, but the doctor should be consulted immediately after an accident of any kind, as it may seem at first glance that these injuries are normal, but they may be serious Her health symptoms have not yet appeared, or we may not feel shock and pain at the moment of the accident due to the high level of adrenaline, and examples of physical injuries from car accidents are the following :

  • Wounds : They occur as a result of exposure to sharp metals or broken glass following the accident. Wounds must be treated and disinfected to avoid exposure to infections.
  • Burns : Burns occur as a result of a leak in the fuel or gas lines that leads to an explosion or contact with hot parts during the accident.
  • Traumas : Traumas occur in the muscles, tendons, and ligaments as a result of the sudden movement of the body caused by the collision, and cause chronic pain that requires a long time to recover from.
  • Fractures : Fractures occur as a result of sudden shock to the limbs such as the arm, foot, ankle, ribs and head upon collision. These fractures may heal in simple periods, and some of them require long periods and sometimes cause permanent disabilities.
  • Amputation of the limbs : Some traumatic accidents may lead to amputations in the limbs, in which the victim suffers from many complications such as loss of movement, blood clots, muscle cramps and pain in the phantom limbs.

Psychological injuries

Many negative psychological effects appear on the victim after a car accident, which is called post-traumatic stress disorder; He may feel anxious, mood swings, and sleep problems due to dreams related to the accident, or he may have difficulty coping with driving and not accepting it again.

Material damage

The costs of repairing the car that were exposed to the accident may be very large, which may cause significant financial damage to the affected person, especially in the rejection of financial claims by insurance companies. In addition, the person affected by the accident may need to fight a legal battle to claim his entitlements as a result of the damage inflicted on him, which adds a financial burden. Increases the financial costs as a result of the accident.

Car accident statistics

Car accidents are the leading cause of death by injury in the world and have been shown to be a major health problem that is on the rise. It is a problem that troubles the World Health Organization (WHO), as it was estimated that the number of deaths in the world in 2002 amounted to 1.2 million people died in road accidents around the world and that about 50 million suffered from injury, of whom 5 million were in danger.

Every half a minute, on average, a person in the world dies as a result of a car accident. If it takes you 30 minutes to read that article, there will be 60 deaths from car accidents while reading it. More than 3000 people die daily in car accidents, and this number represents the fall of 6 jumbo planes daily and the death of all its passengers!

As a result of the committees’ reports, 1-3% of the total domestic production is wasted as a result of accidents. In the United States alone, the cost as a result of car accidents is estimated at the equivalent of 200 billion dollars, and the loss that matters most cannot be estimated in these statistics, as it cannot be estimated at a price.

Steps to be taken in the event of any traffic accident

Ensure everyone’s safety

Try to remain calm and calm down the companions, so that you can deal with the situation well. After that, make sure that there are no injuries in the car, then make sure the safety of the passengers in the other car, and if you notice pedestrians during the accident, make sure of their safety as well. If it is not possible to get out of the vehicle, the warning lights must be turned on, remain in a seated position, and the seat belt must not be removed. If the traffic accident is minor, turn off the car engine and place the warning triangle at a good distance from the car for your own safety and the safety of road users.

Do not leave the accident site

The driver’s departure from the scene of the accident before the presence of the traffic police and the filing of an accident report, may cause additional violations or fines. Therefore, you must remain on site and provide assistance to the injured until the arrival of the ambulance or the police. The vehicle can be moved during minor traffic accidents in two cases: if the accident was clearly defined and the participating parties agreed on how it happened, or if the vehicle’s location poses a danger to public safety or obstructs road traffic.

Report the accident and call an ambulance

Contact Najm Company if you have a valid insurance policy on the unified customer service number 920000560. You must contact the Traffic if one of the cars involved in the accident is not insured, or in the event of injuries, death, fire, or criminal accident, or That the accident resulted from natural disasters, or occurred outside the geographical coverage of Najm Company. After that, make sure to get the case number to facilitate the review during the claim process from the insurance company.

Data collection

You must have the necessary details to enable the police and ambulance to reach the site as soon as possible, such as the civil registry number, mobile number, license plate number, vehicle type, insurance policy number, insurance company name, location of the accident, and any prominent or distinctive signs of the accident site.

Submit official documents

In the meantime, you must have the official documents necessary to avoid being exposed to any traffic violation such as a vehicle driving license, a valid driver’s license, a valid and unexpired insurance policy and an authorization to drive the vehicle, if the vehicle is owned by a company.

Compensation Claims Procedure

A car insurance claim form must be submitted along with the supporting documents for the claim, in order for the insurance claim to be settled and to obtain compensation for the car accident losses covered by the insurance policy, in accordance with the applicable conditions set by the Central Bank of Saudi Arabia. Find out how to fill out a car insurance claim

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