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Dog bite attorney in Houston

According to a study conducted by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), about 4.7 million Americans are bitten by dogs annually. This means that one in every 69 Americans has been bitten by a dog. Some dog bites are dangerous and require complex surgical intervention.
Houston has the largest number of dog bites in the whole of America. This means that it is very important to know a dog bite attorney in Houston.
Dog bites can occur when dog owners fail to control their dog or fail to train them properly.
Injury from a dog bite can result in death or permanent disfigurement of the victim. So, what should you do if you are the victim of a dog attack?
If you have been the victim of a recent dog attack, it is important that you hire an attorney who knows the law and knows how to prosecute a neglected dog owner.
A Dog Bite Attorney in Houston will fight for your rights to help you get compensation. Get a free, no-obligation consultation with an attorney who knows the law and is willing to work hard to prove your case. Call us for a dog bite attorney in Houston at – 713-481-9490

An Arab lawyer in Southern California turned a dog bite into $100,000

An Arab lawyer in the US state of California, specifically in the Southern California region, was able to convert a simple dog bite into the amount of 100 thousand dollars.

The Palestinian-American lawyer, Sami Al-Mashni, was able to obtain compensation for his client in the amount of 100,000 dollars because his client, Amanda, who works in the State Postal Service, was bitten by a dog.

Amanda is an American who works in the government post office, and during her work that requires approaching homes to distribute mail, an American dog attacked her during her work, and despite Amanda’s attempts to calm the dog and use the methods designated to defend herself in such cases, the dog attacked her and bit her in the thigh.
Then the owner of the dog came out to the sound of his dogs barking and the screaming of the woman, and caught them before they could do any further attack or more damage.

Lawyer Sami Al-Mashni, who has owned a law firm and has specialized in compensation, accident and business cases for more than 25 years in the city of Anaheim in southern California, said that he was able to obtain compensation of $ 100,000 for the victim, although her condition was not serious, but he was able to obtain the amount before reaching the court Appear before the judge.

The death of a Saudi man in America due to being attacked by two dogs

A Saudi man named Saad bin Ayyash Al-Enezi, 56, died last weekend in the US state of New Mexico, as a result of being attacked by two dogs living in the house of one of his neighbors, according to the Saudi newspaper Al-Watan.

The brother of the deceased stated that during Saad’s return to his home, two dogs attacked him in a fierce manner, which led to him being seriously injured and subsequently transferred to the hospital, but he died as a result of those injuries.

He added that his brother had 3 sons, and he had a good relationship with his neighbors, and he was loved by the people of the neighborhood in which he lived.

Police investigations confirmed that his neighbor, who owns dogs, was involved in the case and that she neglected the issue of restraining the dogs. However, she stated in the investigations that she did so, and that her dogs were tied, but she did not know who released her.

One of the witnesses in the case stated that while he was walking in the street he saw two dogs cutting the man to pieces, and he was covered in his blood.

The man was buried last Saturday in Muslim cemeteries after cooperation with the Islamic Center and in the presence of a number of Muslim communities.

The brother of the deceased demanded the intervention of the Saudi embassy in the United States, and the assignment of a lawyer to follow up the investigations.

7 simple steps to survive a dog attack

In our daily lives, we are always exposed to dangerous things while walking in the street, the most important of which are stray dogs, no one survives this crisis that we all experienced at least once, they attack us with or without reason.
Here are some steps when exposed to a dog attack :

Know the signs of an attack

There are important signs that indicate that the dog is about to attack you, because of his concern about you, and one of the most important of these signs is raising the ear while looking at you, grimacing his fangs and making a sound from his mouth, the whites of his eyes appear clearly, when these signs appear on the dog you should be careful, He is about to attack you at any moment.

When attacking a dog, be calm

When the dog attacks you, do not think about running to escape from it, as it is much faster than you, but when you stay calm, the dog may feel that you will not harm him and you are not afraid of him, which will make him leave you, in addition to the fact that calm gives you enough time to think of a better way to escape instead of running.

Not yelling when he attacks you

It is important that you do not scream if the dog attacks you, he will interpret this screaming as a challenge and will start a strong fight with you, so you should avoid it by standing still and coming out with minimal losses.

Do not try to kick or hit the dog

When the dog attacks you, his body releases the hormone endorphins, which reduces his feeling of pain, for this reason he will not feel you hit him.

Lift a big stone

If you are about to fall prey to a predatory dog, raise a stone as large as possible, and then the dog will become afraid of you and will stop attacking you.

stop moving

Some recent studies say that when you stop moving and stick your « chin » to your chest, the dog will stop attacking you.

distract him

If you’re holding something in your hand, this object can become a lifeline for you, by letting the dog distract him with it. Just leave it to the dog to chew on, even if the object is not chewable, such as a shoe, handbag, or shoulder.

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