Brain cancer

Brain cancer definition

Brain cancer means the growth of abnormal cells in brain tissue.
Although it is common practice to call such tumors a generic name, brain tumors, not all tumors that arise in the brain are necessarily cancerous.
That is why the term brain cancer is used to describe malignant tumors only.

Brain cancer symptoms

Not all brain tumors cause symptoms, and some are discovered only at autopsy.
Symptoms of brain cancer that could indicate a brain tumor are many and varied, but they are not unique to brain tumors.
This means that the same symptoms may appear as a result of other diseases, and the only way to verify with certainty is to undergo a series of diagnostic procedures and a number of tests.

The symptoms listed below are the most common symptoms of brain cancer :

  • headache;
  • Weakness and wasting.
  • Movement blur.
  • difficulty walking
  • bouts of convulsions;

Less common brain cancer symptoms include :

  • Change in perceptual state.
  • feeling sick and vomiting;
  • Vision changes.
  • Speech difficulties.
  • Gradual changes in mental ability or emotional perception.

In the majority of people who develop brain cancer, the symptoms of brain cancer that were mentioned above appear so gradually that the patient himself, or those around him, may notice them at first, however, symptoms of brain cancer may appear quickly

Brain cancer causes

There is no clear cause of brain cancer, but there are some factors that can lead to brain cancer, as follows :

  • Genetic factors and a family history of brain cancer or the presence of genetic syndromes that increase the risk of developing brain cancer.
  • Exposure to radiation and chemicals
  • Exposure to environmental pollution
  • take up smoking

Brain cancer types

Cancer is named based on where the body begins. Brain cancer begins in the brain. This is sometimes referred to as primary brain cancer. It is also possible to develop cancer that has spread to the brain after starting elsewhere in the body. This is called metastatic brain cancer. Brain carcinomas are usually metastatic and not caused by primary brain cancer.

There are also types and grades of brain tumors. The type of tumor depends on where it is located in the brain, and the estimate is how quickly the tumor is growing. Grades range from 1 to 4. There are more than 120 types of brain tumors. However, there is no standard for naming it according to the type, and there are so many subtypes, that different doctors may use different names for the same tumor.

Brain cancer in children

Pediatric brain cancer is clumps or growths of abnormal cells that occur in a child’s brain or nearby tissues and structures. There are many types of brain tumors in children, some of which are noncancerous (benign) and some are cancerous (malignant).

Treatment and chance of recovery (prognosis) depend on the type of tumor, its location in the brain, the degree of spread, and your child’s age and general health. As new technologies and treatments are constantly evolving, many options can be made available at different stages of treatment.

The treatment of brain tumors in children is somewhat different from the treatment of brain tumors in adults, so the expertise of pediatric neurologists and cancer specialists is very important.

Brain cancer treatment

There are several ways through which brain cancer is eliminated and treated, but this depends on the brain oncologist. After conducting the tests, the appropriate treatment plan is determined for the nature of the case, and the following treatment methods are :


Radiation therapy is used to destroy tumor cells by using high-energy radiation that focuses on the location of the tumor and destroys the cancerous tumor and loses its ability to multiply and spread. A high dose of targeted radiation is also transmitted with high precision using highly focused gamma rays or X-rays that converge to a specific area of the brain where the tumor is located.


Chemotherapy focuses on destroying cancer cells by using chemicals that specialize in destroying certain types of cancer cells. There are many chemical agents that are used in the treatment of brain cancer, including specific drug treatments or therapies taken intravenously or orally.

Surgical treatment

Surgical treatment is resorted to in some cases, and brain cancer surgery is one of the most dangerous surgeries that can cause death, so other treatments are resorted to before resorting to the final surgical solution.


Targeted immunotherapy is used to kill certain types of cancer cells or steroids are used to reduce inflammation and brain swelling.

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