The License is a national first cycle higher education diploma obtained in three years, it takes six semesters after the baccalaureate and is organized into the subjects that constitute the modules. The content of lessons, the modalities of controls, exams and compensation are set by each university and subject to authorization by the Ministry of Higher Education. The objective of this training is to qualify the winner for professional integration or for the pursuit of higher education. Two types of license are offered :

  • The License of Fundamental Studies (LF) : a basic training open to the job market or to teaching and research courses.
  • The License of Professional Studies (LP) : A training which offers a professional qualification to the graduates for the exercise of trades and jobs.

The License of Fundamental Studies (LF)

The fundamental license is the state-recognized level II course that brings together the largest number of students. Indeed, more than one in two bachelors choose to enter a bachelor’s degree when entering higher education.

In France, there are more than 3000 different licenses. Indeed, each university sets its own license titles and options, which makes them very varied from one institution to another.

Among the bachelor’s sectors most popular with baccalaureate holders, we find :

  • language licenses
  • letters licenses
  • art licenses
  • science licenses

The License of Professional Studies (LP)

The professional license is a level II diploma recognized by the State and recognized at European level. It is integrated each year by more than 50,000 young people. Unlike the license, it aims, in one year, to allow rapid and easy professional integration to its students. It therefore confers 60 ECTS credits over one year of study.

Thus, rather than offering theoretical lessons such as the license, it trains students during tutorials (tutorials), TP (practical work). It offers a tutored project and imposes a compulsory internship (or an apprenticeship contract / professionalization contract) in order to validate the year.

In France, there are more than 1,800 professional licenses, including 173 different mentions.

Among them, we can notably mention the following professional licenses :

  • pro tourism license
  • bachelor’s degree in biological engineering
  • pro banking / finance license
  • pro management license
  • license pro (information) communication
  • pro logistics license
  • pro distribution license
  • pro multimedia license

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