Applied linguistics masters

About the MA in Applied Linguistics

This course provides professionals from a wide range of disciplines the opportunity to broaden their knowledge of how language works in the context of globalization. Students will gain a critical understanding of theoretical and practical issues related to applied linguistics, including second/foreign language acquisition, language education, language contact and intercultural communication. The course has two specializations to choose from: Applied Linguistics Teaching the world Englishs for international communication. The Applied Linguistics major is ideal for a range of professionals, including interpreters, editors, policy makers, healthcare professionals, and in short anyone working with language issues in a multilingual and multicultural context. It is also recommended for VCE English teachers, language teachers (including English as a second language) and general teachers looking to improve their knowledge of grammatical/language structures. The Teaching World Englishs for International Communication major is ideal for ESL teachers, policy makers, or anyone considering taking a teaching/working position in a country where English is not the mother tongue of the majority of the population. In any of the majors, students will be able to apply their education to their own context as part of the assessment process, and have the opportunity to complete a research project or internship. The research training in applied linguistics they will receive, as well as equipping them as a graduate to make a significant professional contribution to the field.

Institute of Applied Linguistics

The Institute of Applied Linguistics is one of the most important university institutes for training translators in the United States of America. It is also the only institute that offers bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees in translation.

The Institute of Applied Linguistics is a research and training unit affiliated with the College of Arts and Sciences at Kent State University, where the Institute and faculty members of the Department of Modern and Classical Language Studies supervise the bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral programs in the field of translation.

The Institute of Applied Linguistics is a training and research center in the field of translation studies and in various other fields such as computer translation, terminology and multilingual document management.

Academic programs in translation focus on research skills in specialized translation, computer-assisted translation, terminology, localization programs, and language project management.
Our programs are also designed to provide a comprehensive base for developing basic skills in translation and translation studies.

example of applied linguistics masters :


The academic programs at the Applied Linguistics Institute provide a solid foundation for students in the field of practical translation studies in the following languages :

  • Bachelor’s degree : French, German, Russian and Spanish
  • Masters : French, German, Russian, Spanish, Arabic and Japanese

The Ph.D. program offers advanced training in translation studies.

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