Air pollution

Air pollution definition

Air pollution means the presence of solid, liquid or gaseous substances in the air in amounts which may cause danger to humans or living organisms or the environment.

Air pollution causes

causes of air pollution are divided into two categories :

natural causes

  • Sandstorms : Strong dust-laden winds;
  • Volcanoes : Thick ash is emitted into the air containing solid particles and various gases;
  • Fire : Occurs as a result of lightning or high temperature and mainly produces carbon dioxide CO2.

industrial causes

  • Means and transport : Which produce carbon monoxide CO, Carbon dioxide CO2 and Hydrocarbons (C2H6, CH4);
  • Factories : Factories produce sulfur oxides SO2 and SO3, nitrogen oxides (NO2, NO) smoke and other gases.

Air pollution effects

For health

The pollution causes breathing difficulties, coughing and worsening respiratory diseases (example: asthma).

For the environment

Air pollution causes several serious natural phenomena such as: greenhouse effect, acid rain and Decreasing ozone layer thickness.

Reduce air pollution

To reduce the risk of air pollution, you should :

  • Use non-polluting (Renewable) energy sources such as solar and wind power;
  • Maintenance of motor vehicles;
  • Increase and maintain green spaces.

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